Scrambled Sentences (June)

Scrambled Sentences (June)

Scrambled Sentences (June)

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This product is NOW AVAILABLE in a Scrambled Sentences Bundle. Purchasing the Bundle provides an 11% SAVINGS rather than purchasing each individual pack.

Great for morning work, homework, or center time. This June pack includes 54 pages. There are 27 June related pictures for students to unscramble the sentence at the bottom of each page by cutting the words out and gluing in the correct order to tell about the picture. There are 2 pages of each picture making the pack 54 pages. The first page with each picture has the “unscramble the sentence” activity and then students are to TRACE the sentence that matches the unscrambled sentence in the box. The second page with each picture has the “unscramble the sentence” activity, but then there is a blank box for students to WRITE the unscrambled sentence on their own (no tracing like the first page for each picture).

A black and white picture is included at the top of each page for students to color. This activity requires students to find the word with the capital letter to place first in the sentence and to find the last word by looking for the ending punctuation. Then students have to arrange the rest of the words in order to make sense and to match the picture at the top. A variety of sentence types and word choices are included to provide for differentiation.

Some pictures have extra space so that students can add details to the picture area.

Higher students could also turn to the back of their paper and add more sentences to create a story about the picture.

The 27 sentences included are:
The three fish can swim.
My sunglasses are blue.
I see the bright sun.
The sunscreen protects us.
We like the flowers.
We can water the flowers.
Go get the pail!
The ball is big!
We play under the umbrella.
Run to the tree!
Look at the big fish!
Will the crab pinch me?
The dolphin can jump high.
My flip-flops are little.
He saw a little jellyfish.
The octopus will go down.
Here is my shovel.
The shell is in the water.
Did you see the seahorse?
They have a surfboard.
That is his red t-shirt.
Will he find more worms?
Who wants to jump?
Please swing with me!
Come play in the sandbox.
Where will we skate?
Who will ride next?

I hope your students have fun with these scrambled sentences!

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