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Grades K-2

by Reading on Strawberry Lane

This fun print and play activity will help students master the skills of phonemic deletion/subtraction and reinforce phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear the smallest unit of sound. Students will read a word and then subtract a sound thus creating a new word. 

Also, this activity targets initial consonant blends and consonant digraphs such as bl, ch, cr, sm, th, sh, and more. There are two game boards (colored/black and white versions) and 92 task cards designed to engage learners. You may use this game board or any game board you have. Or just use the task cards alone, and the student with the most cards at the end wins.





FREE MISC. Lesson – “Leap Day Birthday Certificates”

If you teach for 30 years 7 to 8 of those years will be “Leap Years”.  If you teach for 30 years in a self-contained classroom with 20 students per year, you’ll have taught a total of 600 children!  Odds are that you’ll have at least one child during your teaching career that will be born on February 29th.

I’ve made a birthday certificate for that eventuality.  There are color and black ink versions.  Some of the certificates can be used this year (2016) which is a leap year.  I’ve also made some that can be used when it’s not a leap year.  Click on the second image to download it from my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

Here’s some leap year trivia:  Do you think leap year is every 4 years?  Well, almost.  While it’s true that a leap year must be divisible by 4, it’s not the only requirement.  According to a Gregorian calendar, the beginning of a new century must also be divisible by 400 in order to qualify as a leap year.  The year 2000 was a leap year because it’s divisible by 400.  The next century will begin in 2100 and it won’t be a leap year!

leap-day-birthday-certificateHappy Leap Day!

leap day

Lessons by Molly’s Teachers Pay Teachers Shop

Lessons by Molly’s Blog

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FREE MISC. LESSON – “Printemps – vocabulaire FREEBIE – French Words for Spring”

by French Buzz

Pre-Kindergarten – 6th Grade


french spring vocab


Ce document est inclus dans l’Ensemble sur le printemps! Cliquez ici pour y accéder!

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Voici une liste des mots qui ont rapport avec le printemps. Vous pouvez les mettre sur votre mur de mots, faire un jeu ou les ajouter dans un centre de littératie.

– Jeux de devinettes et definitions
– Mur de mots
– Centre de littératie

Here are a list of words about Spring. They can be added to the word wall, put in a game or in a literacy centre.


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