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LANGUAGE ARTS – “10 r-Controlled Activities & Games”

Grades 1-4

by Reading on Strawberry Lane
10 r-controlled-cover

This unit is a package of 10 activities and games that are designed to make it easy for students to learn to read r-controlled syllable type words. There are 6 syllable types, and r-controlled is one of the six types. These syllables are called –r-controlled because the –r is in control and the vowel is out of control when sounding out the word. Instead, of the vowels making their normal sounds, the –r decides for them what sound the vowel is going to make. Reading and spelling r-controlled words require visual memory and experience. These games will teach students a few consistent tips to remember when reading these kinds of words. There are five -r-controlled vowels–ar, -er, -ir, -or, -ur. These five vowel spellings make 4 different sounds. The packet includes 75 -r-controlled words cards and the following 10 games:

1. Climb a Tree

2. Grow a Centipede

3. Football Frenzy

4. Dominoes

5. Uno

6. Clear the Board

7. Snail Shell

8. Wild Animal Race

9. Checkers

10. Circle Out

r-Controlled Pic 1

r-Controlled Pic 2

r-Contorlled 3





FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Back to School Literacy {Freebie}”

by Sailing into Second

1st – 4th Grade


Back to School Literacy


Celebrate the back to school with this fun and engaging activity! There is 1 syllable activity, word cards, and a recording sheet to match.

If you liked this freebie, check out the entire unit HERE!

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