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LANGUAGE ARTS – “Play Uno Bundle Packet”

Grades K-4

by Reading on Strawberry LaneUno Bundle Cover

There are 6 syllable types in reading which are Closed Syllable, V-C-e Syllable, -r-Controlled Syllables, Open Syllables, Vowel Digraph & Diphthong Syllables, and Final Stable Syllables. The basic overall purpose of learning syllable type reading is to give students 6 reading strategies to aid them in chunking longer words into short, readable parts. This packet of 6 games give students a fun way to learn the syllable types. The games can be placed in language stations, or they can be played during small groups. This is a great game to use to differentiate a reading lesson. So enjoy as your students learn another way to break the code to reading!
Uno Bundle Pic 4

FREE MISC. LESSON – “All About Me Sheet (FREE)”

by Jessica Osborne

3rd – 9th Grade


All About Me Sheet


All About Me Sheet: This FREE “About Me” graphic organizer activity is a unique and very visual way to get to know your students. Use the provided example and have your students complete the graphic organizer about their lives. Then allow students to share in partners, groups, or to the whole class. These make a great bulletin board display after sharing. Finally, save these sheets until the end of the year and have the kids do it again on the last day of school. Then give them back their original one so they can see how their lives have changed.


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