Free Contract for Rewriting an Evaluation – Self-Evaluation



Product Description

Contract for rewriting evaluations:

If your experiences are like mine, you often have students asking to redo work or to be given extra credit assignments. Personally, I believe in giving my students every opportunity to succeed. However, the sad reality is that students often decide to rely on our good and gracious nature and choose only to work after the fact. Meaning that students choose to “slack off” and retake the work later. In order to avoid this problem, I have created a self-evaluation sheet that students must complete (in detail) in order to have the opportunity to redo an evaluation. And, based on the students’ answers, the teacher can choose to allow a retake or not.
In addition, I often make students complete this sheet when first receiving a corrected evaluation (even when no retake is possible). It allows students to look at their work critically. In reality, a student who cannot identify his strengths and weaknesses won’t be able to successfully retake their evaluation or to do better on the next one.

It’s been a super useful tool for me. I have senior students who all expect to have 90% averages, which isn’t realistic. This helps me with both students, parents, and administration.

It’s teaching made easy!

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