FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Character Valentines: Fun for ELA 5-9”

by Spark Creativity

5th – 9th Grade



In this packet, you’ll find everything you need for a fun Valentine’s Day activity that works for any novel. Students will design and deliver valentines from one character to all the rest, then use their favorites to create a lovely display.

General Summary:
Divide students into groups and assign each group a character from the novel. Then give each group a mailbox handout, a box or bag or envelope (to use as a mailbox), a scissors, and the valentines. Each group will create a valentine for every other character from the perspective of their character and then deliver them into the mailboxes. Each group will read the valentines their character received and choose the two they think best reflect the characters’ relationship to share with the class and then hang up on the display.

What’s inside:

Mailbox Cover: Give each group a mailbox cover and have them fill it in with their character’s name. Then let them tape or staple it to the box, bag, or envelope they are using for a mailbox.

Example: You can print this out to show everyone before the activity if you wish. Stress that they are supposed to try to show their understanding of the characters in the novel through what they write on the valentines.

Valentines: There are eight blank valentines for each group. Have students fill in enough for however many characters you are using for the activity. Let students know that not all Valentine’s Day messages will be about love. Plenty of people send valentines to friends or relatives, or even, as in the example, people they don’t like.

Banner Letters: Print out these banner letters to spell “BE MINE”, cut them out, and hang them up on a patch of wall or a bulletin board. Then as each group shares their top two Valentines with the whole class, invite them to hang the pieces up under the banner for a great classroom display.

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