Misc Lesson- The Case of the Back to School Scavenger Hunt

by Casey Herling

PreK-3rd Grade


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The Case of the Back to School Scavenger Hunt is a great activity to introduce students to your classroom. A fun and engaging story line leads them into the world of Chilly Detective Agency, where they will help Detective Penguin Sleuth solve a mystery! Each clue gives them a new piece of information they will need to solve the case. Have fun watching your students solve a mystery while they learn all about their new classroom!

Children will:
-Learn to improve their auditory memory and follow simple directions
-Put pieces of information together to form a conclusion
-Strengthen and refine gross motor skills
**all while learning how to find important areas/items in your classroom!

Give your students the opportunity to join Detective Penguin Sleuth and help him solve this confounding mystery!

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