Text Clue Scavenger Hunt Task Cards

As a teacher librarian I am alway looking for ways to support classroom teachers with their ELA programming. I designed this set with the library in mind, since that is where I work. You can easily use this in your classroom. The purpose of this scavenger hunt is to familiarize/support students in using text clues to determine the subject of a book.

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This pack includes 24 scavenger hunt cards and a printable answer sheet allowing students to record up to twelve answers.

This is a print and go resource that can easily be used to help you gather data on your students and their ability to use text clues, before, during or after teaching. The cards can easily be adapted to use more one on one with struggling students, simply place several books in front of them and ask them to identify the book being described on the task card. If the student struggles with the text clue and chooses the wrong one, asking them why, will give you a bunch of information that you can use in helping that student better use text clues offered on covers, in pictures or in words.

At $2, this is a must have, easy to use resource!

Text Clue Scavenger Hunt Task Cards.

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