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Text Clue Scavenger Hunt Task Cards

As a teacher librarian I am alway looking for ways to support classroom teachers with their ELA programming. I designed this set with the library in mind, since that is where I work. You can easily use this in your classroom. The purpose of this scavenger hunt is to familiarize/support students in using text clues to determine the subject of a book.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.14.13 PM

This pack includes 24 scavenger hunt cards and a printable answer sheet allowing students to record up to twelve answers.

This is a print and go resource that can easily be used to help you gather data on your students and their ability to use text clues, before, during or after teaching. The cards can easily be adapted to use more one on one with struggling students, simply place several books in front of them and ask them to identify the book being described on the task card. If the student struggles with the text clue and chooses the wrong one, asking them why, will give you a bunch of information that you can use in helping that student better use text clues offered on covers, in pictures or in words.

At $2, this is a must have, easy to use resource!

Text Clue Scavenger Hunt Task Cards.

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FREE LESSON – “Social Studies Causation Cards”

The Owl Teacher

Grades 3-6

Causation Cards are the newest and next best thing since task cards!

FREE CAUSATION CARDS, Social Studies, Economics

What Are Causation Cards?

Causation cards are a fun, interactive way to review vocabulary and concepts that students need to learn. In addition, this engaging activity helps improve fluency and listening skills.

How Does Causation Cards Work?

The method is similar to the “I have… who has…” cards, where each student has to listen carefully to other students to know when it is their turn. However, causation cards do not contain a repeated language (like “I have… who has…”). Instead it will state an action that a student must perform and a statement they must say. The action can be something simple from jumping in the air to drawing on the board. The statement can be a definition of a term or related concept.

Why Are Causation Cards Important?
This activity is a great resource for practicing those all important speaking and listening skills while building fluency. This resource is a great way to improve student’s reading accuracy, prosody, and fluency rate.

How Do You Use Them In The Classroom?

Have the class read through the set of cards multiple times giving each student a different card each time or read to each other by taking turns. 

 You can find this fun, interactive FREEBIE by clicking here.

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Pythagorean Theorem

Do your students need more practice or to learn all about Pythagorean Theorem?


Get numerous educational teacher created resources to save time and reach your learners!


Pythagorean Theorem

Perfect for teaching & reviewing Pythagorean Theorem.

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Freebie – Fact Family Task Cards (x) and (÷)

Do your kids need extra practice with fact families?  I know my kids loved using these cards as an additional practice in the classroom.  Promote your students deeper understanding of how multiplication and division are related to one another.

These task cards are perfect for additional practice, special ed students with paras or even extension activity for the lower grades.

I hope you enjoy using these in your classroom. Please leave feedback or visit my store for more great task cards and products!

You can find this free product here!


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A Task Card Basket Blooming with Activities and a TpT Sale


A Task Card Basket Blooming with Activities and a TpT Sale

by Connie Casserly

Grades 6-12



In May, lesson plan continuity endures a major blow due to standardized  testing, although teachers still want and need to teach and students still need to add to their learning homes.

These three sets of Task Cards will alleviate teachers’ frustration and stress while reviving students’ motivation, concentration and attention and creating strong foundations of learning.

Read the details for all of these products on http://www.teachitwrite.blogspot.com/2015/05/a-task-card-basket-blooming-with.html
















Reading Comprehension – Literature Task Cards

With this set of Elements of Literature Task Cards, Middle School and High School students will reinforce, review and develop their understanding of a text any time that they need to work on expanding their comprehension/higher thinking skills and /or writing aptitudes.

Preview and download it from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Reading-Comprehension-Literature-Task-Cards-1131263 ($4.50)*

Vocabulary – FOR THE LOVE OF WORDS! Task Cards

FOR THE LOVE OF WORDS! is an 11-page Task Card vocabulary study with 32 individual, pairs, small group and whole class activities. These activities engage students’ curiosity, and this inquisitiveness sparks learning because they are motivated  to own the words and not borrow them for a test.

Preview and download it from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Vocabulary-FOR-THE-LOVE-OF-WORDS-1840502 ($4.00)*

Grammar – PUNCTUATION RULES! Task Cards & Activities

Between Tweets, Facebook status updates, Pinning,Texting and various other sites limiting characters, students are forgetting how to properly punctuate their longer writing pieces. PUNCTUATION RULES! Task Cards & Activities, enable Middle School and High School students to improve their Language and Writing knowledge and skills.

This 20-page packet includes Teacher Notes, punctuation rules, task cards and answer keys.

Preview and download it from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Grammar-PUNCTUATION-RULES-Task-Cards-Activities-1820840 ($6.00)*


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Language Arts ” Task Cards: Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences”

By Christina L

Grades 3-6





These task cards are larger than normal (6 questions each) so students can work on just one card. More advanced students may complete more than one card. A “user friendly” method of displaying them is to laminate them, punch a hole in the corner and attach them with a binder ring.

Great for literacy centers, early finishers, and small group intervention.

• 10 Task Cards (6 questions each) + 10 Answer Keys (Includes white and colored background)
• Recording sheet to show completion of each card

Topics include:
• Simple, Compound or Complex Sentence?
• Independent or Dependent Clause?
• Simple Subjects
• Simple Predicates
• Make a Compound Sentence
• Make a Complex Sentence

Click here for a preview.

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Christina L

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON “Task Cards: Fact and Opinion”

By Christina L
Grades 3-6



This a small sample of my task card collection. These task cards are larger than normal (8 questions each) so students can work on just one card. More advanced students may complete more than one card.
Great for literacy centers and small group intervention!
A “user friendly” method of displaying them is to laminate them, punch a hole in the corner and attach them with a binder ring.

• 6 Task Cards (8 questions each) + Answer Keys (Both black and white and colored backgrounds included)
• Recording sheet to show completion of each card

Topics include:
• Fact and Opinion (Decide if each statement is a fact or an opinion.)
• Fact and Opinion Writing (Choose a topic and write one fact and one opinion statement.)
• Fact and Opinion (Read both statements. Decide which is the opinion and which is the fact.)


Here is a list of all my available Task Cards:
Task Cards: Compare and Contrast (Common Core Grades 3-5)
Task Cards: Prepositional Phrases, Run-Ons, Fragments and Complete Sentences (Common Core Grades 3-5)
Task Cards: Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots (Common Core Grades 3-6)
Task Cards: Multiple Meaning Words and Homophones (Common Core Grades 3-6)
Task Cards: Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences (Common Core Grades 3-5)
Task Cards: Proofreading (Common Core Grades 3-5)
Task Cards: Similes, Metaphors and Idioms (Common Core Grades 3-6)
Task Cards: Parts of Speech (Common Core Grades 3-5)
Task Cards: Cause and Effect (Common Core Grades 3-5)
Task Cards: Similes, Metaphors and Idioms (Common Core Grades 3-5)
Task Cards: Synonyms, Antonyms and Homophones (Common Core Grades 3-5)
Task Cards: Punctuation (Common Core Grades 3-5)

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