5 Best Takeaways from NCTM’s Annual Conference

Welcome Back Friends!

Last month I was so excited to attend this year’s annual NCTM math conference. The best part—it was in San Antonio, Texas (about 100 miles from me)! Now, while some of you are thinking, “What’s so exciting about that,” I’m thinking 1.) It was a mini-vacay in the middle of the spring semester (Raise your hand if you could use one of those!); 2.) I got the chance to spend time with professors and colleagues who I hardly ever see; 3.) I got to share the same space with some of my math idols. Yes, I totally know that I am a math geek, but I thought that’s what you loved most about me!!

All kidding aside, attending this conference is a big deal. It’s an opportunity to learn from math teachers and authors across the country. Sessions are filled with presentations by people like Jo Boaler, Dan Meyer, Graham Fletcher, Kathy Richardson, and many others. It’s also a unique experience and a chance to hear what other teachers are doing to create strong mathematicians from states across the nation. With this in mind, I want to take this opportunity to share five of my biggest take-a-ways with you.

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