FREE SCIENCE LESSON – “Chemistry Lab: Heat Of Crystallization”

by Amy Brown Science
9th – 12th Grade

In this free lab students will use a simple calorimeter to determine the heat of crystallization (solidification) of a wax sample. This lab provides an excellent “visual and hands-on” lesson on the heat exchange that occurs during crystallization.

Suitable for physical science and chemistry students in grades 9-12.

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Purpose of the Lab:

  • To determine the heat of crystallization (solidification) of a wax sample from experimental data.
  • To gain lab experience in using a calorimeter and in carrying out calculations used in calorimetry.


  • 16 x 125 mm test tube
  • 250 mL Beaker
  • Ring stand and ring
  • Hot plate
  • 100 mL Graduated cylinder
  • Thermometer
  • Styrofoam cup
  • Safety goggles
  • Wax sample
  • Balance
  • Test tube tongs

This resource includes student handouts as well as a detailed Teacher Guide. Enjoy this freebie!

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