Introduction to Much Ado About Nothing


The introduction to “Much Ado About Nothing” Breakout Room is the perfect way to introduce the play.

According to research, using games when teaching increases student participation, comprehension, as well as fostering emotional and social learning.

Today’s 21st- century student needs to be fully engaged in learning to gain knowledge and then apply it in meaningful ways. Many teachers find that traditional comprehension questions are not engaging and often do not reinforce understanding. Both teacher and student often find answering the traditional chapter questions tedious and uninteresting.   

Help your students fully engage and understand the play by beginning your unit with this fun activity.

The game includes four different sections:

  1. An introduction to Shakespeare’s life and times
  2. Information about the Globe Theatre
  3. Information about Shakespeare’s use of language
  4. An introduction to the play’s themes and conflicts

Each section includes a section where students will discover information about each category.  Then they will answer a series of questions, puzzles, and tests to break out each room.

This resource includes clues and answer keys for the teacher. The teacher can give students hints if they struggle in their quests.

The game is interactive, engaging, and varied to maintain student interest. The game includes a different theme with different challenges. The games require no preparation for the teacher. Other than an internet connection, nothing else is required! Merely share the game link with students, and they’re off to work independently. 

Students can play the game as a group or individually. Create a class challenge to see who can complete the game in less time. The possibilities are endless! These games are also a great way to engage students in learning online.

The activities will take approximately 40  minutes, depending on the game and the student’s abilities.  

The game includes  21 questions, 4 puzzles, and 4 information rooms.

The games can be played on any PC, laptop or tablet, Smartphone, Mac, or Chromebook. Anything that can access the internet can be used to access the games.  

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It’s teaching made easy!

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