Language Arts: CinderHazel No Prep Unit: Common Core Aligned

3rd, 4th and 5th Grades

by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti 

CinderHazel Unit Cover

CinderHazel Unit Cover

Chapin-Pinotti CinderHazel Unit Activity from LessonThis is a no prep unit for Deborah Nourse Lattimore’s story “CinderHazel”. These engaging activities are turn-key…read the story to your class or have them read it as part of literature circles, go over the Cinderella story elements and engage them with these lessons!

Activities are naturally differentiated and aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

CinderHazel Book Unit Includes:

Table of Contents

Cinderella Elements
#1 CinderHazel Draw A Title Page
#2 Questions Along the Way
#3 CinderHazel Constructed Response Questions
#4 Story Connections for CinderHazel
#5 CinderHazel Characters
#6 CinderHazel Math Connections
#7 CinderHazel My Own Word Problems
#8 CinderHazel Comprehension
#9 CinderHazel Character Conflicts
#10 Sentence Sorting: CinderHazel
#11 Quick Write Compare and Contrast
#12 About the Author
#13 Story Summary
#14 Character Changes
#15 Text to Text – Connecting Texts
#16 My Thoughts While Reading CinderHazel
#17 Inferring Character Feelings
#18 Cause and Effect
#19 Compare and Contrast CinderHazel and Cinderella
#20 Cinderella Sentence Sorting
#21 From Sentence Sorting to Essay Writing

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CinderHazel Unit Activity

CinderHazel Unit Activity

CinderHazel Activity Chapin-Pinotti

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