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The Great Kapok Tree- The Rain Forest Animal Project

The Great Kapok Tree- This Amazonian Tale to your class. Your students will be delighted to hear all the Amazonian animals speaking to the young man. Inspire your students to create their own rain forest.
GREAT SUB PLAN FOR JUNE The Rain forest project was designed to allow your students to cut and color 14 animals creating their own Rain forest drawing. They can replicate the scene from the Great Kapok Tree and surround the young man with the animals of the Rain Forest.

Lesson Plan

1- Distribute drawings to students. Provide a piece of 12X14 construction paper. Students should cut and create a Rain Forest drawing and label each animal.
2- Students complete the color/noun simple sentences writing prompt. For example. The ant is red. They can also make compound sentences. The ant is red and big
3- Collect and provide feedback
4-Ask students to submit project and final prompt
5- Students can work in both word search and bookmark


Drawing: You can grade 14 animals and labels = 28 +2 for creativity & neatness = 30

Prompt The 10 sentences X 2= 20 points

Total scales will be 30+20= 50/50

This will be an easy way for them to succeed in the project. Project will require at least two days.


Have students work on Rain Forest with a sub. If they finish early have them work on bookmark and Word Search.