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LANGUAGE ARTS – “Vowel Digraph & Diphthong Bundle Packet”

Grades K-4

by Reading on Strawberry Lane

This “Reading Vowel Digraph & Vowel Diphthong Syllables” unit provides 86 word lists vowel digraphs and vowel diphthongs syllable type words. Also, a master word list is included and can be used as a quick reference. A vowel digraph or vowel diphthong is one of the six types of syllables in reading. The lists in this unit include words spelled using vowel teams or vowel/consonant teams to create each vowel sound. These lists of words will help students recognize the vowel digraph or vowel diphthong patterns. Reading will become more manageable for students once they understand syllable types.

10 V & V Bundle Cover Pic

10 V & V Pic 110 V & V Pic 210 V & V Games Pic 3

The “10 Vowel Digraph & Diphthong Activities & Games” packet includes 10 activities and games give students a fun way to learn and sort vowel digraph and diphthong syllable words. A vowel digraph is two vowels that spell one of the vowel sounds in the team such as /ea/ spells the –e sound in ‘eat’.  The four diphthongs vowel teams are /ou/, /ow/, /oi/ /oy/. Together these four vowel teams create their own unique sounds. The words used in this packet target the common vowel combinations that create vowel digraphs and diphthongs. The activities/games can be placed in language stations, or they can be played during small groups.

The following activities and games are included in this packet:
1. Color the Rainbow
2. Ghost OUT
3. Move the Mouse to the Cheese
4. Guess the Word
5. Shark
6. Go Fish
7. PIG
8. Old Maid, Old Man
9. Skunk
10. Thirteen Digraph/Diphthong Booklets—These are booklets the students can cut apart, staple, color, and spell the words to match the pictures. The books target :
• digraph ai—rain, tail, snail, paint, mail, air, sailboat, rainbow
• digraph ay—hay, gray, pray, May, birthday, tray, say, pay
• digraph long ea—peace, peanut, eat, treat, tea, read, teacher, feast
• digraph short ea—bread, weather, sweater, breakfast
• digraph ee—bee, cheese, tree, three
• digraph igh—goodnight, light, bright, right
• digraph oa—coat, boat, toad, soap
• digraph ow—shadow, pillow, elbow, snow
• digraph long oo—balloon, broom, igloo, mushroom, pool, root, school, zoo
• digraph short oo—cookie, looking, book, football
• diphthong ou—cloud, mouse, out, groundhog
• diphthong ow—towel, clown, frown, shower
• diphthong oy—cowboy, ahoy, toys, joy





FREE MATH LESSON – “August / September Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Back to School Theme)”

by Little Minds and Hearts

Pre-Kindergarten – 6th Grade


Owl Calendar Cards and Headers


These owl themed calendar cards will complement any classroom calendar for the first month of school, whether you start in August or September! Calendar number cards measure 3″ x 3″ and follow an AB pattern. The header is 3″ x 9.5″ and comes in both green and blue chevron (you choose which to use) to match the cards. Numbers up to 31 are included, as well as blank cards.

Sets available:
Full School Year Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Includes all 11 sets below at a discount)
August/September Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Back to School)
September Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Fall Leaves)
October Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Halloween)
November Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Thanksgiving)
December Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Christmas)
January Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Winter)
February Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Valentine’s Day)
March Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (St. Patrick’s Day)
April Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Spring/Easter)
May Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Flowers)
May/June Owl Calendar Cards and Headers (Graduation)









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Free Poster: Developing Themes in Literature



Poster: Developing Themes in Literature


This is a nice visual to help students remember the process of developing themes.
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