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Social Skills All Year

by Kathy Babineau

Grades KG – 5th


This kit contains 240 cards covering seasonal scenarios and topics. For each month of the year (including summer months), there are 4 Topic Talker cards, 4 Role Playing cards, 4 Facial Expression/Body Language cards, 4 Problem Solver cards, and 4 Perspective Taker cards, for a total of 20 cards for each month of the year. Cards are simply marked with the month of the year, but they can also be mixed and matched throughout the year if you would rather not focus on themes.

The Topic Talker Cards offer suggested topics of conversation, many of which are related to timely topics and holidays. Some other generic school based topics have been included in order to be sensitive to students who may not observe particular holidays. These topic talker cards are helpful for students who are trying to work to maintain on-topic exchanges with peers, addressing attention to conversation and even general expressive and receptive language.

The Role Playing cards also address many timely topics. When using the Role Playing cards, I like to have multiple teams role play the same scenes, because there may be several correct ways to “act out” the situation. It is also fun sometimes to role play the situation in an inappropriate way and then discuss why it may be hurtful or inappropriate or offensive. Be sure to brainstorm and discuss how body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice and word choice are all important to communication.

The Facial Expression/Body Language cards are fun to use to think about and practice ways that we communicate with our faces and our bodies.

The Problem Solver cards offer students opportunities to think about social situations, analyze the problem and generate practical solutions. There is not always just one correct answer to these problems.

The Perspective Taker cards encourage students to put themselves in a situation or in someone else’s shoes and decide how they might feel.

To use this kit, simply print out all sheets and then cut apart and laminate (optional) the cards, and you are good to go! They are all in black and white (except the cover page) to go easy on the color copying budget.

I hope you like this and find it helpful when working with your students!

Kathy Babineau

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Social and Safety Skill Discussion/Question Cards

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “FREE FOUR Coloring Pages for Mother’s Day”

by Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas

Pre-Kindergarten – 2nd Grade



FREE Color for Fun Mother’s Day Free Coloring Pages! Bind this Coloring Book together for a wonderful, inexpensive Mother’s Day Celebration Coloring Book gift.

Mother’s Day Fun! Color For Fun Printable Coloring Pages, this FREE DOWNLOAD is perfect as a Mother’s Day gift to color and frame, also to use as a writing activity for a Mother’s Day card!

Want the entire monthly resource, Mother’s Day Fun! Color for Fun Printables? Click here!

Want a larger Spring Bundle? Click here for Color for Fun Spring Four Pack

Click here to see all of my Color for Fun Resources!

Terrific for your Emergency Sub Tub for morning work, let the sub have a few minutes to read your plans while the children color!

Thank you,
Fern Smith * TPT Store * Blog * Pinterest *

© Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas

Special Permission for the graphics in the Color For Fun series has kindly been granted by the following artists. I invite you to follow their blogs and TPT Stores with the links below.
Melonheadz Illustrating
Blog and TPT Store
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Whimsy Clips
Blog and TPT Store






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by StudentSavvy

Kindergarten – 6th Grade



Mother’s Day Free Resource!

To My “Charming” Mother Activity!

In this resource, students design a custom charm bracelet for their moms! A creative writing and illustrating activity!

This resource is a sample page from

Mother’s Day Power Pack
Mother’s Day Creative Activities

Feedback on free resources is greatly appreciated!


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FREE MISC. LESSON – “Mother’s Day Planting Signs”

by Carrberry Creations

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade



Have your students’ Mother’s Day gifts stand out among the sea of Marigolds this year by planting a Mother’s Day herb garden.

These FREE signs are adorable when added to an herb your students have grown for Mom. Just:
1. print on card stock
2. attach to a pencil, bamboo skewer or, popsicle stick
3. insert in your students’ plantings for a memorable gift.

It is so easy!

Interested in reading about how to set up Mother’s Day Herb gardens with your students? Click here to read my blog post on the topic.

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Have Fun Planting!






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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “FREE Poetry Lesson Mother’s Day Card + Poetry for Older Students/Teens, Sub Plan”

by Laura Randazzo

7th – 12th Grade



Remember the Mother’s Day cards we made back in elementary school? Let’s revisit that tradition for our middle- and high-school students with these print-and-go materials that’ll make a bunch of moms (or stepmoms/grandmas/aunties/loving women) smile on their special day.

• A student handout featuring 10 slices of poetry about mothers/feminine power.
• Six coloring pages that fold in half to become cards (Print on white paper, colored paper, or cardstock – grab whatever’s available in the copier room and go!)

Suggested lesson procedure:
1. Begin by handing out the page that includes 10 bits of poetry, giving students a few minutes to read them all.
2. Have students choose the poem that reminds them most of their mom/closest maternal figure.
3. Give students a choice of card designs.
4. Inside the card, have them write a loving note to the recipient and include the lines of poetry in their best handwriting.
5. With any remaining time in class, have students color the front of the card with colored pencils or sharp-tipped markers. The coloring portion can be completed in class if time allows or sent home for students to complete on their own time.

Tip: When printing the cards, choose “Print Full Size” on your printer settings. If you choose “Scale to Fit” (the default on many printers), your cards may have unevenly spaced borders.

These pages also work great as print-and-go sub plan materials.

Image credit: Peaksel, CC BY-SA 4.0

Want more high-interest poetry lessons for teens? Check out my four-week Poetry Unit, a TpT sitewide best-seller.

Thanks for stopping by!





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FREE LESSON – Differentiated Mother’s Day Card for beginning writers (and BIG TpT site-wide sale on today and tomorrow!)

Free Lesson: Differentiate Mother's Day Card!

Hello my friends!
Is it just me, or did Mother’s Day sneak up on us as quickly as Easter this year?

In times like these, I’m grateful for the stash. (We all have a collection of never-fail, warm-fuzzy lessons and go to printables, don’t we?)

The time-saving factors in this Mother’s Day Card is twofold: 1) Print or photocopy and your students instantly have something to color, and 2) the inserts that allow each child to print (or paste if unable to print) at the level they are comfortable with. By pre-printing the various options, your students have different choices for how they can complete their Mother’s Day message, and most will be able to do something independently.

Disclaimer: Student names do need to be added to individual cards! 

Inside MD card 1

Some students might be capable of printing a message on their own. Others may copy from a strip or trace. Those who are not printing yet can simply glue their message in.

Copying Th4

Perhaps you’re working on 1:1 correspondence and would like to take this opportunity to practice. Cut the words apart and have your students reassemble the sentence in order, with or without a model.

Lesson from a recovering over-achiever:

Over the years I realized that I had to adjust my expectations to my circumstances. Some years we may have a smaller number of students in our class, students that work more independently or more support for our students with special needs. Particularly at this time of the year, and even more with Father’s Day, schedules go awry and every week feels more frantic than the week before.

This activity worked best, especially in more challenging years, when I let the students choose how they wanted to do the inside of the card. It came down to a decision:

Was the goal of the activity to teach and assess a particular goal or skill for any or all of my students, or for my students to simply enjoy creating something special for mom?

If you like to #DifferentiateByPrinting as is done with this card, check out these growing collections: Sight-Word-Stages Leveled Reader Sets and Read and Write and More!

On another note…

Did you see what I added to the title?  I am a mom and a teacher and a MAJOR appreciator of teachers myself. Thank you to all of you for getting in there with your students everyday. TpT has announced that it’s time to appreciate teachers with a big, site-wide sale! Please see the button below for details!

Enjoy the sale, and Happy Spring!

Teacher Appreciation Sale! Free Mother's Day card

SWS sq 350 Father's Day card


Mother’s Day Pop-Up Cards

by Victoria Leon

Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Mother’s Day Pop-Up Cards

Create Mother’s Day cards using nine pop-up templates, thirteen pattern pieces, and six covers.  Mix and match the materials to make a variety of handmade Mother’s Day cards.

Kindergarten – sixth grade students will be able to use the step-by-step directions and photographs to assemble the pop-up cards.  Pop-Up Card #1 is the easiest to make since it only has one pattern piece.  Pop-Up Card #2 has two pattern pieces.  Pop-Up Card #3 has three or more pattern pieces.  

Copy the pages on construction paper or card stock.  Decorate the pattern pieces and covers with crayons, colored pencils, markers, or drawing chalk.  Glue the pattern pieces to the pop-up templates.  Your students will create an inexpensive DIY Mother’s Day card which will be treasured for a lifetime.  

FREE MISC. LESSON – “Mother’s Day Craft & Poem FREEBIE!”

by Jennifer Drake

Pre-Kindergarten – 3rd Grade


Mother's Day Craft


Your student’s Moms/Mums/Grandmas/Aunts & Special Ladies are going to LOVE their very first ‘diamond’ necklace made by their child! And you are going to LOVE the feedback and smiles on everyone’s faces!

I have been making these in my classroom for years and I have Moms come back years later raving about their first ‘diamond’ necklace and how it is still their most prized piece of jewelry!

This Pack Includes:
*Photos of how to make the ‘diamond’ necklace

*Recipe for flour/salt dough w/ directions

*Alternative suggestion to using flour/salt dough with photos

*Necklace poem- 4 frames- for Mom

*Necklace poem- 4 frames- for Mum

*Necklace poem- 2 frames for Grandma, 1 for Aunt & 1 for ‘Special Lady’

~Copy on colored paper and wrap or present with the necklace!
I have included poems for Mom/Mum/Grandma. If you need something else, please contact me!

All you need is some flour, salt, water & dimes! Add some paint, ribbon & beads and you are all set for a gift that will put a ‘sparkle’ in mom/mum/grandma’s eyes and heart!

Looking for more fun Mother’s Day Fun?
Mother’s Day Craftivity ~Recipe For A Great Mom!
Mother’s Day Craftivity & Foldable Reader
Mother’s Day Foldable Readers ~3 Versions~

Looking for more fun and innovative ways to motivate children while learning?
Click Here To Access My TpT Store
Or the direct link for spring/spring holiday resources:
Click Here For Spring Resources

Feedback on this freebie is greatly appreciated! I would love to hear how the Moms/Mums/Grandmas/Aunts & Special Ladies in your class loved this!!

Be sure to visit me on Facebook and on my blog for more great ideas!

Happy Mother’s Day Craft & Poem Free Fun!







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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Mother’s Day Writing: Top 10 {**FREEBIE**}”

by Abc123is4me

1st – 3rd Grade


Mother's Day Writing Top 10


Looking for Mother’s Day themed independent writing idea for your students? Look no further! Mother’s Day Writing: Top 10 is a writing assignment that your students will have fun doing! It’s an excellent idea for a literacy center! Don’t worry– I didn’t forget how important stepmoms are! Included with the top 10 mom template is the top 10 stepmom template. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback :).







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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Mother’s Day Secret Message”

by D Conway

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade


Mother's Day Secret Message


Celebrate Mother’s Day with this secret message puzzle. Using the picture code (made of beautiful flowers for mom,)students will uncover the mystery message – “Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May.” A great way to combine literacy with social studies. If you enjoy this download, check out my other Mother’s Day items!







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FREE MISC. LESSON – “Mother’s Day Cupcake Writing and Craftivity”

by Tessa Maguire

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade


Mother's Day Cupcake Writing and Craftivity


A cute Mother’s Day writing and craftivity. The prompt included is “My mom is a treat…” The pages can be copied onto colored paper, or can be colored by students.

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Tales From Outside the Classroom







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FREE MISC. LESSON – “Mother’s Day Thumb Body Loves You Poem”

by The Schroeder Page

Pre-Kindergarten – 2nd Grade


Mother's Day Thumb Body Loves You Poem


This is a FREE page for Mother’s Day. We are making Thumb print heart necklaces for Mother’s Day and I wanted a little something to go with them. I am going to have my students draw their face in the circle at the end of the poem and write Happy Mother’s Day. We are then going to add it to a construction paper card.







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by HappyEdugator

4th – 12th Grade


Mother's Day Free - Cinquain Poem


Mother’s Day Free – Cinquain Poem. A Holiday Poem Activity. Print and go Mother’s Day writing activity. This handout gives directions for writing a cinquain poem, an example of how it works, and a place to create your own to cut out and give as a gift. Looks lovely in a frame. Create one with craft sticks, hot glue, and decorate with paint and buttons, sequins, etc.

This goes well with my PowerPoint on writing Cinquain Poetry:

Cinquain Formula Poem PowerPoint.

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Mother’s Day Verb Poem

Mother’s History Fill-In

Mother’s Day Coupon Book

Mother’s Day Songs

Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day Craftivity

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20% Off Sale at Gifted and Talented Materials By Joyce Lansky

This is the place to find high level materials 

for your bright students at great prices.

At my store, you will find:

          * Book Units

          *Power Points for Language Arts & Math

          *Logic Problems

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Logic Problems to Last The Year

Logic problems are a fun way to keep kids engaged, especially at the end of the year. My store is packed with these that may be purchased for a dollar a piece or in bulk for a discounted price. Why not plan ahead and take care of all the holidays at once with one of my logic problems to last the year packets.

This original packet was made to challenge students in third through fifth grades, but some of these problems are tough and most likely would meet the needs of older students in the regular classroom. 

The booklet contains twelve logic problems from the first day of school until the Tired Teachers at the end. Along the way, students will tackle challenges centered around Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (2), Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fools Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Right now it’s set at a reduced price of $8.75, so please check it out.

If you teach younger kids, no worries, I have the materials for your kids, too, with Logic Problems to Last the Year (Book II) for grades 1 – 3. This mini version of the original book contains six logic problems surrounding the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and our American Independence Day. These matrix logic problems contain one grid to challenge our bright younger students, but once again, they could also challenge an older child in the regular classroom. Book II sells for the reduced price of only $3.95.

If you like logic or any activities to challenge bright students, please check out my store at:


Free Mother’s Day Flower Craft

May is magical, memorable, and magnificent!

For teachers, it can also be draining with end of the year report cards, testing, record maintenance, ceremonies, field days and packing up the classroom for the summer!  On top of all that, Mother’s Day is in the month of May.  Our students deserve to take home something special for their moms/mums for Mother’s Day.  Finding the time to put together a thoughtful craft for our students to make can be a challenge during this busy month.

I created a tropical flower pattern which is super simple and inexpensive.  Best of all, no two flowers turn out the same because the children add their own unique designs to the flowers.  If your students are first graders or older, they can also create their own leaves for the flowers with green construction paper and a black markers.  It will be best to model a leaf drawing first.

The photo below shows how a few of our tropical flowers turned out.


Mother’s Day Flower Craft

If you plan to use glue, I recommend that you start EARLY during the school day so that the project will be dry by the afternoon for dismissal time.  I stapled the stems, leaves, and flowers together.  We used glue for the “seeds” inside the cupcake liners.  If you need a copy of the pattern, follow this link:

Tropical Flower Pattern

If you need a complete tutorial on how to make this craft, follow this link:

Mother’s Day Flower Craft

Happy Mother’s Day!

Post created by Molly McMahon, Lessons by Molly

Teachers Pay Teachers Store


May Learning Activities For Kids…

May Holidays!

School  Nurse Appreciation Week – May 6-12!

Thanks for browsing!


Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  Check out my new Mother’s Day Keepsake Book!


A Book Written in Verse

mothers day cover

mothers day a mothers day b mothers day c


This engaging ABC Book (written in verse) is fun for students to complete and meaningful for moms to receive as a Mother’s Day Keepsake Gift.    Students personalize the books by using their best observations and memories about their moms to complete the pages.

This product includes:

  • Both a Colored Cover and a Black and White Cover
  • A 14-Page Mother’s Day ABC Book Written in Verse
  • Teacher’s Instructions for Completion of the Book
  • 2 pages of images/phrases for the “cut and paste” sections

To complete the book, each student will:

  • Write mommy quotes
  • Draw items found in mom’s purse
  • Cut and paste bedtime routine pictures
  • Measure and record his/her height
  • Make handprint (paint, ink or trace)
  • Create a list of “mom’s favorite things”
  • And much more!

This project is best completed over the course of several days!  Check out the Preview to get an idea of the verses and the activities.


Visit my store to check out my history based lesson plans and products!

Language Arts – “May Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions”

By Christina L

Grades 2-5


Here are some non-fiction reading passages filled with lots of fun facts about the month of May. Use them as warm up activity, for early finishers or in a reading center.

• 8 May themed reading passage, each with 3 comprehension questions
• Worksheet for recalling 4 May facts that students have learned
• Template for writing a limerick (for Limerick Day)

The 8 passages include the following titles:
Happy Mother’s Day
• Memorial Day
• Cinco de Mayo
• Happy Birthday, Sally Ride!
• Limerick Day (Includes a template for students to create their own limerick.)
• The Kentucky Derby
• Florence Nightingale (for National Nurses Week)
• Amelia Earhart

Have a closer look here!

***Buy 2, get 1 Free! Save with this Spring Bundle***
Spring Bundle: Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions

***Through the Year Mega Bundle Also Available!***
Mega Bundle:Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions

Thanks for looking!

Christina L

My Store:


Language Arts Lesson “Mega Bundle: Through the Year Reading Comprehension (September- May)”

By Christina L

Grades 2-5




Cover all the important days and events of the year in these fun reading passages. They are filled with fun, historical facts plus comprehension questions.

Use them as a quick warm up or in a reading center.

It includes months September through May.

Each month includes 8 reading passages and 1 worksheet for recalling important facts.

September:  Johnny Appleseed, Hispanic Heritage Month, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Grandparents Day, Constitution Day, Happy Labor Day, Welcome, Fall!

October: Bats! Bats! Bats!, Arachnophobia!, Fire Prevention Week, Columbus Day, Make a Difference Day, Happy Halloween, How to Grow a Pumpkin, Happy Birthday Noah Webster!

November: Squanto: Friend to the Pilgrims, Election Day, Veterans Day, The Mayflower, The First Thanksgiving, King Tut Day, Native American Heritage Month: Sacagawea, Life of a Pilgrim Child

December: Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Hanukkah, Christmas Traditions, Reindeer, Arctic Animals, Wright Brothers Day, Hibernation

January: Happy New Year!, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Emperor Penguins, The Abominable Snowman: Fact or Fiction?, Do You Want to Build an Igloo?, National Braille Literacy Month, Opposite Day, Happy Birthday Ben Franklin!

February: Groundhog Day, What is a Groundhog Anyway?, Random Acts of Kindness Day, Honest Abe, The Father of Our Country, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Leap Day

March: St. Patrick’s Day, Read Across America Day, March Madness, Women’s History Month, Pi Day, Ireland, Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!, In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

April: April Fool’s Day, Jackie Robinson Day, Happy Earth Day!, The Titanic Sinks, National Poetry Month, National Arbor Day, Easter Egg Roll, Drop Everything and Read

May: Happy Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, Happy Birthday, Sally Ride!, Limerick Day, The Kentucky Derby, Florence Nightingale (for National Nurses Week), Amelia Earhart

Check it out here:


Thanks for looking!

Christina L

My Store:

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Thanks for stopping by our Word Press blog, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative.  Click on the categories posted on the right hand column to find particular lessons. Below is a list of the categories.

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