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January Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern


It’s 2018. Time sure flies. WE have some great ideas for you in our January edition of Teacher Talk. So hurry on over to see what these creative educators are doing this month.
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Problem Students Got You Down? Begin the New Year Right, with These Discipline Tips

By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

Have you been struggling with Johnny or Sally since the beginning of the school year? Have you been racking your brain trying to come up with some creative ways to turn their unacceptable behavior around? Did you dread coming back to work in January? Well, I’ve been there and know exactly how you feel. If you said yes to any of these questions, I can give you a hand.

Lessons Learned With Miss Brooke

By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

Musings on what I have learned from a long ago favorite teacher.


The Mini-Lesson: A Natural Scaffold For Struggling Learners
By Tracy Willis of Mossy Oak Musings

Would you rather attend a doctor’s appointment or your own autopsy? Mini-lesson structure helps teachers avoid an academic autopsy with end-of-unit assessments. It’s scaffolded instruction at its best


A How-To Guide on Writing Conferences
By Sally Hansen of Purposeful Plans

Just like when you scaffold and model the requirements for an essay in a mini-lesson, you do the same thing individually for each student through conferencing. Many students don’t need to hear the lessons you taught at the beginning of the school year. Conferencing will help you deliver differentiated instruction. Here are some tips of how you can implement writing conferences in your classroom.


The Five Best Reasons You Should Be Using Book Clubs as Part of Your Classroom Reading Program

By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing

Book Clubs can be an essential tool for boosting rigor and engagement in your upper elementary or middle school classroom. Learn five reasons why you should consider Book Clubs as a regular part of your reading program.

What About Social Studies?
By Michelle Web of Teaching Ideas for Those who Love Teaching

Have Fun With Social Studies


Mentor Sentences – Teach It So They Remember It
By Alison Monk of the Literacy Garden

Effectively teach grammar skills in the context of authentic literature through the use of mentor sentences.


New Year, New Goals
By Kathie Yonemura of Tried and True Teaching Tools

 New Goals Happy New Year! The new year is always a great time to reflect back, set goals, and start fresh. Repurpose those NYE decorations for some fun health goal setting with your students!
Is Your Child Afraid of Going to the Doctor?
By Thia Triggs of Print Path

If your young child is fearful of going to the doctor, there are many things you can do to help them feel calmer and to prepare them for their next visit.

Sit back, relax and check out all the great advice  you’ll find on these blog posts from our seasoned educators.

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “New Years Reflection for 2017-2018”

by Rachel Lynette

2nd – 8th Grade



New Years Reflection updated for 2017-2018!

Here is a printable New Years reflection activity to use with your students! This is a great way to have your students reflect on the old year and think about what they are hoping for in the new one. You might want to send it home before winter break. You could also use the responses as the start of a journal entry or writing project.

Happy Teaching,

Rachel Lynette







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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “New Year’s Goal Setting Templates 2018”

by Diamond Mom

1st – 3rd Grade



New Year’s Goal Setting Templates

This set includes both color and black and white templates.
I have also included a Happy New Year’s sign in both color and black and white.

I hope you find these helpful as you set goals for the upcoming year.

Check out some of my other Christmas and Holiday products.

Christmas Countdown and the 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas Writing Papers
You’ve Been RACKed
December Countdown RACK
Holiday Sight Words
Relay Writing

Thank You for your purchase of this product. I hope you find it helpful.

Charlene/Diamond Mom
Diamond Mom’s Treasury
My TPT Store

This product is for single use in one classroom. If you wish to share, please purchase multiple licenses or direct others to purchase their own copies at my store.

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “New Years 2018 Freebie!”

by Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas

Pre-Kindergarten – 1st Grade



Free New Years: Happy New Year Fun with Seasonal Vocabulary Freebie! Color For Fun Printable Coloring Page!

If you like this New Years Freebie you will love the larger resource, Happy New Year with Seasonal Vocabulary Color For Fun Resource. This resource has two to five seasonal words per page similar to a Richard Scary Book or I-Spy Game. Terrific practice for your Emergent Readers while still bringing fun and joy to your Non-Readers.

Click here to see all of my Color for Fun Resources!

More New Years Resources

New Years Resolutions – A Writing and Social Studies Center

New Years Themed Telling Time Center Game – Puppy’s Party Time

New Years Time for Fun 3 in 1 Center Games & Interactive Notebook Activities

New Years Counting Coins Center Games, Worksheets and Interactive Notebook Activities

New Years Consonant Digraphs Center Games, Worksheets and Interactive Notebook Activities

New Years Money Bills Only Center Games and Interactive Notebook Activities

New Years Themed Rhyming Words with Word Families Center Games, Worksheets and Interactive Notebook Activities

New Years Not Contractions Center Games, Worksheets and Interactive Notebook Activities

New Years Contractions Center Games, Worksheets and Interactive Notebook Activities

New Years Counting Coins and Bills Center Games, Worksheets and Interactive Notebook Activities

New Years Addition Doubles and Doubles Plus One Centers, Printables, Answer Keys and Interactive Activities

New Years Activities: Ten New Years Math and New Years Literacy Centers

© Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas

Special Permission for the graphics in the Color For Fun series has kindly been granted by the following artists. I invite you to follow their blogs and TPT Stores with the links below.
Melonheadz Illustrating
Blog and TPT Store
Web and TPT Store
Whimsy Clips
Blog and TPT Store
Jeanette Baker
TPT Store







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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “New Year’s Resolution Writing Prompt FREEBIE”

by Mr and Mrs

Kindergarten – 6th Grade



Ring in the New Year with this FREE writing prompt! Enjoy!!

Check out these other January to make sure you start the year right!
Common Core January Morning Seat Work Pack
January Comprehension Journal

You’re going to want these too!
Informative Writing Unit
Parts of Speech Pack

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Opinion Writing Peer Editing Checklist CCSS Aligned for Grades 3rd – 5th

Opinion Writing Peer Editing Checklist CCSS Aligned for Grades 3rd – 5th

The 4 peer editing checklists are very detailed (for a 3, 4, 5, & 7 paragraph essay) created for the progressing writer. Excellent for mixed or leveled classes to give students individualized instruction. Practical and easy to understand. Students will know what is expected of them and they will have opportunities to reflect on their work.

Included in this resource:
✓ How I Use This Resource
3, 4, 5, & 7 Paragraph:
✓ Peer Editing Checklist Half Page
✓ Peer Editing Checklist Full Page
✓ Terms of Use
✓ Graphics and Fonts Credit

Try part of the opinion essay bundle before you buy it right here…FREE Opinion Writing Basic Rubric CCSS Aligned

*Teacher rubric on one side while student self-assessment is on the other side when printed.
*Rubrics are created with variation to meet your classroom’s needs.
*Can print rubrics front and back to save on paper (cut it in half.)
*Peer edits for students to share and learn from each other.
*It’s a very detailed checklist.
*For a 3, 4, 5, & 7 paragraph opinion essay.
*Checklists are full & half page PDF format.
*Can print checklists front and back to save on paper.
*Practical and easy to understand rubrics for teachers and students.
*Easy scoring on a 10 or 5 points each category out of 100 points.
*Great for mixed or leveled classes to give students individualized instruction.
*Teacher and student self assessment to grade a 3, 4, 5, & 7 paragraph essay.
*Add CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3-5.6 by having students research the Internet and type up the essay to implement technology for a cross-curricular assignment.
*Add CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3-5.7 & W.3-5.8 by having students conduct a research project by assigning a prompt. Have them gather relevant information through printed or digital sources. Be sure to have them add a bibliography.
*3-5th Grade Common Core Aligned.
*Can be used as enrichment for 2nd grade students.

The way I use this resource…
In writing, I scaffold and model information to my students. Each class is different and each year is different; therefore, I can’t do everything the same each time I teach the same subject. I start with the basic rubric and introduce 1-3 new concepts each essay. Once I introduce a concept, I hold students accountable for the concepts I taught. If it appears that the majority of the class does not understand the concept, I do not hold them accountable and I reteach the concept. I try not to stifle their creativity by focusing on spelling, capitalization, and punctuation during the first two terms of school depending on the class. I also can easily use the 6 traits of writing with the rubrics. Make sure you choose a topic that is relevant, relatable, and the reasons are researchable.
Next, I introduce the peer editing checklist. I have students pair up and exchange papers. I have clipboards students can use while they sit around the room for this activity. It’s important for you to model for the students how to peer edit. Many times students just want to be nice and not give feedback. However, this is a great opportunity for students to read each others essays and learn from each other. I try not to let the same students peer edit with each other every time in order for students to view a variety of styles over the school year.
Finally, you are able to print front and back! Then you can cut them in half to save on paper. For example, pages 12 and 13 are the same rubric. Simply print it from your computer or printer as two-sided. If this does not work for you, print the first rubric for a full page rubric.
Happy Teaching!


Social Skills All Year

by Kathy Babineau

Grades KG – 5th


This kit contains 240 cards covering seasonal scenarios and topics. For each month of the year (including summer months), there are 4 Topic Talker cards, 4 Role Playing cards, 4 Facial Expression/Body Language cards, 4 Problem Solver cards, and 4 Perspective Taker cards, for a total of 20 cards for each month of the year. Cards are simply marked with the month of the year, but they can also be mixed and matched throughout the year if you would rather not focus on themes.

The Topic Talker Cards offer suggested topics of conversation, many of which are related to timely topics and holidays. Some other generic school based topics have been included in order to be sensitive to students who may not observe particular holidays. These topic talker cards are helpful for students who are trying to work to maintain on-topic exchanges with peers, addressing attention to conversation and even general expressive and receptive language.

The Role Playing cards also address many timely topics. When using the Role Playing cards, I like to have multiple teams role play the same scenes, because there may be several correct ways to “act out” the situation. It is also fun sometimes to role play the situation in an inappropriate way and then discuss why it may be hurtful or inappropriate or offensive. Be sure to brainstorm and discuss how body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice and word choice are all important to communication.

The Facial Expression/Body Language cards are fun to use to think about and practice ways that we communicate with our faces and our bodies.

The Problem Solver cards offer students opportunities to think about social situations, analyze the problem and generate practical solutions. There is not always just one correct answer to these problems.

The Perspective Taker cards encourage students to put themselves in a situation or in someone else’s shoes and decide how they might feel.

To use this kit, simply print out all sheets and then cut apart and laminate (optional) the cards, and you are good to go! They are all in black and white (except the cover page) to go easy on the color copying budget.

I hope you like this and find it helpful when working with your students!

Kathy Babineau

Here are a few other social skills products you may like:

Super Problem Solvers

Social Skills for Teenagers

Social and Safety Skill Discussion/Question Cards


Diet! Exercise! Save money! Spend more time with family!

As their parents are making New Year’s resolutions, you can help your students make resolutions to become better students and/or better readers.


These three self-help tests are designed so that students can easily recognize their weaknesses in study skills or and/or reading. They include simple instructions and space for a resolution at the end of the test. The self-help tests can be used in ALL grades, but an easier version is provided for grades 1 and 2.

Always useful! Always FREE!

Study Habits Self-Help Test (Grades 3 & Up):

Reading Habits Self-Help Test (Grades 3 & Up):

Reading Habits Self-Help Test (Grades 1-2):




FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “New Year’s Resolutions Writing Activities for 2017”

by Mme R’s French Resources

5th – 12th Grade




2017 Goals and resolutions writing activity for any class.
Great for middle school and high school
3 different writing activities to meet your needs!
1. Making a resolution and setting goals for the year
2. What I want to accomplish this year, what I want to improve, dos and don’ts list, what I can’t wait to do
3. Looking back on last year

Want a French version? Find it here:
New Year’s Resolutions – French version

Makes a great portfolio piece and a very cute bulletin board!
Happy New Year! Enjoy!
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Ice breakers
Ice breakers– In French and English

Student Self-Evaluations

Conference forms and behavior contracts for secondary

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FREE MISC. LESSON – “January Calendar Pieces-FREEBIE”

by Love of First

Pre-Kindergarten – 4th Grade




These colorful, printable January calendar pieces are the perfect addition to your classroom calendar. There are three different graphics so that you can choose to incorporate patterns into your morning meeting routine if you’d like. (AB, ABC etc)

Two options of January month headers and holiday cards for New Year’s Day and MLK Jr. Day are included!


Like this Freebie? Check out the All Year BUNDLE and SAVE BIG!
Calendar Pieces All Year Long BUNDLED






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FREE MATH LESSON – “New Years 2017”

by Jennifer Drake

Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten




New Years 2017
New Year
New Year Activity
New Year Math
New Year FreebieHappy New Year! Here is a new freebie for you to kick off the New Year!

Students love counting down to the New Year- turn it into a math lesson activity!

This Pack Includes:
*Directions/Suggestions for Use

*Photo Page

*New Year Countdown Printable

*Aligns with and supports Common Core Learning Standards and makes a cute display to welcome in the New Year!

*Since students write in the New Year, this activity can be used year after year!

Find more New Year themed activities and centers click HERE!

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Happy New Year Countdown Fun!







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FREE MISC. LESSON – “Winter Break Worksheet – Freebie”

by The SLT Scrapbook

Kindergarten – 7th Grade




This free worksheet is designed for students to write and draw about what they did over the winter break.
Two versions of the worksheet are included- one with space for students to write about what they did and the other which specifies what they should draw about.
These are designed for use as a fun activity for students when they return to school after the winter break.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this freebie.
We really appreciate all feedback!

This product is for use by you in your classrooms or therapy rooms only. Please do not sell, share or claim as your own.
Terms of use are included in the document.






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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “New Year Writing – Creative Writing Stationery”

by Hilary Lewis

1st – 5th Grade


new year stationery


This cute New Year themed writing stationery is great for kids to use when they are publishing their stories. Use these pages to spark imaginations during this fun time of the year.

There are pages with 2013 and without.

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MISC LESSON: “New Year’s Resolution Flip Book”

I love New Years!  It’s a great time to start fresh with new goals.  Am I successful?  Not always, but it is fun trying right?  And it’s the perfect time to do so (and easier to keep track of when you started it!).

Kids are the same way- at least  my kiddos in my classroom are.  They are already telling me predictions for Christmas and what 2016 will bring them.  That’s when I got the idea… Why not have the little ones create their own New Year’s Resolution too!

new years resolutions flip book new years day

I created this easy flip book for students to work through as they think out their goal (along with a graphic organizer to brainstorm on).  In it students will not only determine what their goal is, but also describe why it’s their goal and just how they will accomplish it!  I also can have them turn it into a written piece or reflect on how 2015 went so they can better determine how to reach their goals this year!  Plus, it’s just cute!

New Year's Resolution Flip Book Again

So are you thinking this would make a great morning work project on the first day back from winter break?  Or maybe you are thinking it’d make a great center activity or for early finishers.  Head on over to my TpT store to check it out!  I think your kiddos will definitely enjoy this cute little keepsake!


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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “New Year’s Resolution Craft”

by Janetta Hayden

2nd – 5th Grade


resolution craft


Would you like a cute yet low-prep New Year’s craft? This is it! All that is needed in addition to this free download is white copy paper, a few sheets of colored copy paper, straws, and tape.







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Language Arts Lesson “Mega Bundle: Through the Year Reading Comprehension (September- May)”

By Christina L

Grades 2-5




Cover all the important days and events of the year in these fun reading passages. They are filled with fun, historical facts plus comprehension questions.

Use them as a quick warm up or in a reading center.

It includes months September through May.

Each month includes 8 reading passages and 1 worksheet for recalling important facts.

September:  Johnny Appleseed, Hispanic Heritage Month, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Grandparents Day, Constitution Day, Happy Labor Day, Welcome, Fall!

October: Bats! Bats! Bats!, Arachnophobia!, Fire Prevention Week, Columbus Day, Make a Difference Day, Happy Halloween, How to Grow a Pumpkin, Happy Birthday Noah Webster!

November: Squanto: Friend to the Pilgrims, Election Day, Veterans Day, The Mayflower, The First Thanksgiving, King Tut Day, Native American Heritage Month: Sacagawea, Life of a Pilgrim Child

December: Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Hanukkah, Christmas Traditions, Reindeer, Arctic Animals, Wright Brothers Day, Hibernation

January: Happy New Year!, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Emperor Penguins, The Abominable Snowman: Fact or Fiction?, Do You Want to Build an Igloo?, National Braille Literacy Month, Opposite Day, Happy Birthday Ben Franklin!

February: Groundhog Day, What is a Groundhog Anyway?, Random Acts of Kindness Day, Honest Abe, The Father of Our Country, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Leap Day

March: St. Patrick’s Day, Read Across America Day, March Madness, Women’s History Month, Pi Day, Ireland, Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!, In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

April: April Fool’s Day, Jackie Robinson Day, Happy Earth Day!, The Titanic Sinks, National Poetry Month, National Arbor Day, Easter Egg Roll, Drop Everything and Read

May: Happy Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, Happy Birthday, Sally Ride!, Limerick Day, The Kentucky Derby, Florence Nightingale (for National Nurses Week), Amelia Earhart

Check it out here:


Thanks for looking!

Christina L

My Store:

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