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January Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It’s 2019! Time sure flies. We have some great ideas for you in our January
edition of Teacher Talk. So hurry on over to see what these 
creative educators are doing this month.

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Success Begins with Baby Steps
Are you one of those people who starts the new year with the intention of making goals for yourself but never quite follow through? If you said yes, you’re in the majority, statistics show that only 8% of the people who make goals keep them. Why do so many of us, me included, fail at goal setting?
Culturally Responsive Teaching
 Is your classroom culturally responsive? This post might surprise you!
Tried & True Bookmaking: Poof Book
By Kathie Yonemura of Tried and True Teaching Tools 

 There’s nothing like making a book to get students excited! They oooh and aaah, as if it is magic! This blog post is the first in a series: Tried and True Bookmaking. 

How to Respond to Incorrect Answers
 By Gini Musmanno of Reading Spotlight

 Have you ever wondered if there is a helpful way to respond to students’ incorrect answers— a way that will improve not only their comprehension, but also their mindfulness when they are reading and participating in class discussions? Here are some constructive tactics to use in replying to incorrect answers. 

 How Do Velcro Dots Help to Regulate Behavior
By Margo Gentile of Margo Gentile 

 This was a spontaneous last resort behavior mod intervention that was really effective! Whatever works!
 THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF ZERO, The Exponent- Why Any Number to the Zero Power Equals One
By Vicki Rauch of Scipi 

 Sometimes my college students like to ask me what seems to be a difficult question. (In reality, they want to play Stump the Teacher.) One such infamous question is, “Why is any number to the zero power one?” Find out how I showed them that the answer is always one using patterns.
 Goal Setting for the New Year: One Word
By Lisa Robles of LisaTeachR’s Classroom

 Be intentional! Choose one word to focus your year.

 Be My Valentine Treats
By Charlene Tess of Charlene Tess 

 Here are a free Valentine’s Day lesson idea and a free activity to help your students correct run-on sentences.
 Hook Your Students in Writing
By Sally Hansen of Purposeful Plans 

The hook isn’t just the attention getter at the beginning of an essay. Get your students interested in the type of essay by playing an activity before you teach!
Roses are Red: Using Poetry in Reader’s Workshop
By Tracy Willis of Mossy Oak Musings 

 Poetry + Reader’s Workshop = Common Core & Complex Text! It’s a winning equation. If you’re not using poetry in your reader’s workshop, you’re missing out on some phenomenal learning opportunities. This post is chocked full of ideas to help you incorporate poetry 
into your workshop.
 5 Easy Ways to Implement Differentiation Into Your Classroom
By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing 

 We all want to help every student succeed. Learn 5-easy ways you can start implementing differentiation in your classroom today.

Charles by Shirley Jackson Short Story Mini-Unit

Product Description

This short story mini-unit features Shirley Jackson’s short story “Charles.” Appropriate for grades 7 to 10, the lessons focus on the development of theme and paragraphs.

Included in the mini-unit is:

• A copy of the short story

• A prediction chart

• An anticipation guide

• Activity sheet (select important passages in the text for later theme and paragraph support)

• Author’s purpose activity sheet

• How to develop a theme sheet with an example

• A graphic organizer to help student plan their paragraph

• An answer key for all activities

• 3-day lesson plan for easy planning

16 pages total

All the prep work has been done for you.

It’s teaching made easy!

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Super Hero Themed Parts of Speech Posters (FREE)

FREE Parts of Speech Grammar Circles (Superhero Themed)

Sentences – Grammar Circles for easy and effective grammar

Spelling Flip Book

Rubrics Self-Evaluation

Fish Bowl Evaluation Bundle

Opinion Piece Bundle

How to Write a Paragraph

ELA Literature Study Unit to Use with ANY Work of Literature

Total Pages 16 pages

Answer Key Included

Teaching Duration 3 days

FREE MATH LESSON – “Math – Addition/Journal Prompts – 30 problems (sticky labels 30 count)”

by Love2TeachKiz

Pre-Kindergarten – 1st Grade

You have come to the right place to find the quick and easy way to manage journal prompts. No cutting or pasting needed. Print each of the 30 different addition problems on Avery #5160 address label sheets. Each sheet has 30 of the same label when you print it. Your students will love the colorful clipart too.


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