by The Science Penguin

3rd – 5th Grade


Free Soil Lab


This soil freebie will help you and your students observe soil samples and test their capacity to retain water.

It contains recommendations and student recording pages.

Set up 4 stations for students to record data. Include a different soil sample at each station. I like using gravel, sand, potting soil or loam, and clay. Each station should have a small container of the soil particles (like a petri dish), a graduated cylinder, funnel, and coffee filter.

Go over the question and write a hypothesis.

As a class, put 40 mL of water in each funnel containing a coffee filter and funnel with the particles inside. Allow time for the water to pass through the coffee filter and into the graduated cylinder.

Then, have students visit the stations to record their observations. Create a chart and graph of the data, draw conclusions, and answer the question.

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