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Death of a Salesman Unit – Bundled



Death of a Salesman Unit (Bundled)


Death of a Salesman Bundled Unit

Level : grades 11 and 12

This unit has been conceived with the teacher in mind. It contains a Student Guide, a Teacher Guide, and a comprehensive Answer Key. All you have to do is print the packages and teach them. It’s as easy as that! I’ve also included two different options for end unit evaluations, which both contain evaluation grids and answer key.

The unit is, in my opinion, visually appealing and the contents teach analysis of literature.

The bundle contains: (The documents, except for the evaluations, are in PDF format.)

The Student Guide has 16 pages:
-Notes on the American Dream
-An anticipation guide
-An in-depth look at success as it pertains to the lives of the students (which will later on be used to relate to the play’s themes.)
-Thematic comprehension questions for each act
-Activity on motifs and symbols used in the play
-Activity on characterization
-Poem association (Langston Hughes)
-Notes on tragedy (Aristotle’s definition and modern definition)
-Review notes for students

Answer Key contains 29 pages:
-Answers to ALL of the students’ work
-Introduction to Arthur Miller
-Scene guide -Teacher’s comprehensive notes on the play (to help review and to fill students in on signifant symbols….)
-List of themes and how they are developed

Final evaluation contains two different options:
1) A unit test with answer key. Contains 3 essay type questions.
2) An essay. Contains essay topics, work process (steps 1…..), an outline guide, and an evaluation grid.


The Teacher Guide contains 5 pages:
-Includes 8 complete lessons that leave the teacher nothing to do, but to teach.
Lesson 1: Historical context and pre-reading
Lesson 2: Setting and reading (there are specific pages assigned to each lesson)
Lesson 3: Symbols, Motifs and reading
Lesson 4: Character chart and reading
Lesson 5: Reading
Lesson 6: Reading and a look at the difference between modern and classic tragedy
Lesson 7: Theme development and review
Lesson 8: Evaluation (Option 1 – test (answer key included), Option 2 – Essay (evaluation grid, work process, outline included)

It’ teaching made easy.


by The Science Penguin

3rd – 5th Grade


Free Soil Lab


This soil freebie will help you and your students observe soil samples and test their capacity to retain water.

It contains recommendations and student recording pages.

Set up 4 stations for students to record data. Include a different soil sample at each station. I like using gravel, sand, potting soil or loam, and clay. Each station should have a small container of the soil particles (like a petri dish), a graduated cylinder, funnel, and coffee filter.

Go over the question and write a hypothesis.

As a class, put 40 mL of water in each funnel containing a coffee filter and funnel with the particles inside. Allow time for the water to pass through the coffee filter and into the graduated cylinder.

Then, have students visit the stations to record their observations. Create a chart and graph of the data, draw conclusions, and answer the question.

From The Science Penguin









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