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LANGUAGE ARTS – “Reading Syllable Types Bundle Packet”

Grades K-4

by Reading on Strawberry Lane

This bundle contains six units that give specific word examples of each syllable word type. The six syllable types of reading are Closed, V-C-e, Open, r-Controlled, Vowel Digraph & Diphthong, and Final Stable. Each unit provides a plethora of word lists that target each syllable type. Teaching reading by syllable types provides students with a clear-cut understanding of the English language. The basic overall purpose of learning syllable type reading is to give students 6 reading strategies to aid them in chunking longer words into short, readable parts.

Reading Syllable Type Bundle Cover

Syllable Bundle DefinitionsReading Syllable Types Bundle-3

FREE LESSON – Differentiated Mother’s Day Card for beginning writers (and BIG TpT site-wide sale on today and tomorrow!)

Free Lesson: Differentiate Mother's Day Card!

Hello my friends!
Is it just me, or did Mother’s Day sneak up on us as quickly as Easter this year?

In times like these, I’m grateful for the stash. (We all have a collection of never-fail, warm-fuzzy lessons and go to printables, don’t we?)

The time-saving factors in this Mother’s Day Card is twofold: 1) Print or photocopy and your students instantly have something to color, and 2) the inserts that allow each child to print (or paste if unable to print) at the level they are comfortable with. By pre-printing the various options, your students have different choices for how they can complete their Mother’s Day message, and most will be able to do something independently.

Disclaimer: Student names do need to be added to individual cards! 

Inside MD card 1

Some students might be capable of printing a message on their own. Others may copy from a strip or trace. Those who are not printing yet can simply glue their message in.

Copying Th4

Perhaps you’re working on 1:1 correspondence and would like to take this opportunity to practice. Cut the words apart and have your students reassemble the sentence in order, with or without a model.

Lesson from a recovering over-achiever:

Over the years I realized that I had to adjust my expectations to my circumstances. Some years we may have a smaller number of students in our class, students that work more independently or more support for our students with special needs. Particularly at this time of the year, and even more with Father’s Day, schedules go awry and every week feels more frantic than the week before.

This activity worked best, especially in more challenging years, when I let the students choose how they wanted to do the inside of the card. It came down to a decision:

Was the goal of the activity to teach and assess a particular goal or skill for any or all of my students, or for my students to simply enjoy creating something special for mom?

If you like to #DifferentiateByPrinting as is done with this card, check out these growing collections: Sight-Word-Stages Leveled Reader Sets and Read and Write and More!

On another note…

Did you see what I added to the title?  I am a mom and a teacher and a MAJOR appreciator of teachers myself. Thank you to all of you for getting in there with your students everyday. TpT has announced that it’s time to appreciate teachers with a big, site-wide sale! Please see the button below for details!

Enjoy the sale, and Happy Spring!

Teacher Appreciation Sale! Free Mother's Day card

SWS sq 350 Father's Day card



by Miss Jenny and Edutunes

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade


Magic E


“Magic E” Song FREEBIE: “That Magic E” / Common Core – Aligned

I wrote “That Magic E” to help my students understand how short vowel words can transform into long vowel words. Use this song as a daily commercial in your K-2 classroom. Invite children to read as they sing. Feel free to copy and paste the lyrics below for your students. Note that you may want to add short and long vowel symbols, and make the “magic e’s” bold.

That Magic E

Copyright 1999, 2014 Jennifer Fixman Kramer. All Rights Reserved.

That magic e, that magic e,
It changes so many words, you see:

At, ate,
Mate, mate,
Can, cane,
Plan, plane,

Bit, bite,
Quit, quite,
Fin, fine,
Pin, pine,

Not, note,
Tot, tote,
Hop, hope,
Mop, mope,

That magic e, that magic e,
It changes so many words, you see.

That magic e, changes words you see,

From at to ate, a to a,
From pet to Pete, e to e,
From bit to bite, i to i,
From not to note, o to o,

From cut to cute, u to u,
That magic e,
You know what it can do,
It makes the short vowels sound so long,
And that is the topic of this song.

That magic e, that magic e,
It changes so many words, you see,

At, ate,
Mate, mate,
Can, cane,
Plan, plane,

Bit, bite,
Quit, quite,
Fin, fine,
Pin, pine,

Not, note,
Tot, tote,
Hop, hope,
Mop, mope,

That magic e, that magic e
It changes so many words, you see.

***You can also purchase the matching video here.

***This song, along with illustrated lyrics, 27 additional songs, and a 64-page lyric/instructions book is available on my “Phonics Time” CD-Book Set. You may choose from the downloadable version or the hard copy version.

I’ve also created a matching “Phonics Time” DVD.

You may also be interested in the GIANT shared reading “Phonics Time” posters, which match all songs on the CD and DVD.

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Thanks for trying my music. I hope I can make a difference in your classroom!


Jennifer Fixman-Kramer
“Miss Jenny”

Copyright Information: “That Magic E” song and lyrics–Copyright 1999, 2014 Jennifer Fixman Kramer. All Rights Reserved. Users may download this song for use in their own classrooms. They may not sell the song or lyrics; give them to other teachers, schools, or districts; post them on electronic devices; or use them for any other purpose without permission of Jennifer Fixman Kramer. (…But PLEASE tell your friends and coworkers to download this song for FREE and rate it on TPT!)

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Complete Hamlet Unit – No Prep



Hamlet Unit (No prep - Complete Unit)


One entire month of planning done for you – I dare you to enjoy Shakespeare.

I love teaching Shakespeare’s plays and I want you to love it too. I’ve been teaching and improving this unit for over 10 years. I have literally done all the thinking for you.

This unit has everything a teacher needs to teach Hamlet. I’m aware that not everyone is comfortable with Shakespeare. Because of this, I have created this unit from my years of experience teaching the play so all of the thinking has been done for you. Just photocopy and teach. Seriously it’s that easy.
There’s no longer a need for hours of research and piecing together bits of information and activities found to teach the play.
This is a whole, complete unit, from scene summaries, important notes and annotations notes to help students understand what they are reading. I have also included an introduction to the play, a student guide, a teacher guide, quizzes, a creative assignment, and tests (all with answers and evaluation grids), and a comprehensive answer key. Everything has its place and teaches a specific skill.

The unit is appropriate for students in grades 10, 11 and 12.

The unit includes :

– An attractive, interactive, multimedia PowerPoint presentation introducing the play (17 slides)

-A Student Study Guide (with activities, act and scene questions…) and various activities (14 pages)

-A Teacher Guide (with detailed, comprehensive lessons, unit plan, and additional notes to guide students.) -9 pages and 16 complete lessons. The teacher Guide also includes links to the audiobook (the exact time to cue the audio) AND it includes a list of speaking roles if reading out loud in class)to help with time management and organisation.

-18 pages of comprehensive scene summaries and important notes for each scene (annotations for each scene) ***THIS IS A TEACHER FAVORITE!

-A creative “Guess Who?” game to help students understand the characters. (What’s fun about this game is that it can be played from the beginning of the play right to the end, and students’ answers will change depending on the act they are reading.) LOTS OF FUN!

-A comprehensive answer key for all questions and activities. (24 pages)

-Comprehension quiz on Acts 1 and 2 in Word format for easy modifications (with evaluation grid) and answer key.

-Mid-play evaluation – The Parody – creative writing and analysis (in Word format for easy modifications – with evaluation grid)

-Summary guide (highlighting the significant events from each scene with important analytical information) – Throughout my years of teaching this play, I have amounted excellent notes and annotations, listing the most significant actions throughout each scene. I have retyped these annotations to help you teach the play so your students will understand it (and so will you). (18 pages)

-The culminating evaluation includes three different versions of the final unit test with evaluation grid and answer key (in Word for easy modifications)

Includes a total of 109 pages.

It’s teaching made easy!