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LANGUAGE ARTS – “Phoneme Subtraction”

Grades K-2

by Reading on Strawberry Lane

This fun print and play activity will help students master the skills of phonemic deletion/subtraction and reinforce phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear the smallest unit of sound. Students will read a word and then subtract a sound thus creating a new word. 

Also, this activity targets initial consonant blends and consonant digraphs such as bl, ch, cr, sm, th, sh, and more. There are two game boards (colored/black and white versions) and 92 task cards designed to engage learners. You may use this game board or any game board you have. Or just use the task cards alone, and the student with the most cards at the end wins.





FREE MATH LESSON – “FREE Fraction and Decimals Practice Sampler”

by Custom Core Creations

4th – 7th Grade


Fraction and Decimals Practice



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This product is a SAMPLE of my product:
“Weekly Review for Fractions and Decimals”

36 Week Review for Fractions and Decimals

The paid product description is as follows
The paid product packet contains a weekly review for fractions and decimals for an entire year.

the paid product contains
•It is broken down into 4 questions a week: addition/ subtraction practice and multiplication/ division practice.
•There are 36 different weekly sheets for your students to practice their fractions and decimals.
•That packet should help your students keep up with their knowledge and skills when working with fractions and decimals.
•These exercises will keep your students sharp and knowledgeable when they are working with fractions and decimals.
•The answer key is provided for ease of use for you. That packet is designed to be used once a week for 36 weeks and requires no preparation work for the teacher.
•That packet is designed to use only 3 to 5 minutes of your students time each week which will easily fit into your busy schedule and not take your time away from your lessons each week. This activity should fit easily into your schedule each week.

Products from my store that will go along with this product are:
6th Grade Common Core Math Vocabulary Tests

January NO-PREP printable Fractions and Decimal Review

Core Math Word Problems 4-6 grade

Common Core Ratio Word Problems #1 4-6 grade

Common Core Unit Ratio Word Problems

Common Core Ratio Word Problems Bundle

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Custom Core Creations

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How to Write a Paragraph



How to write a paragraph


The Paragraph package is an easy to use document that will help students learn how to write effectively using the proper form.
The document includes a detailed description of the different types of paragraphs as well as how to effectively write the paragraph (with sentence by sentence instructions).

It’s teaching made easy!