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FREE SCIENCE LESSON – “Earth & Space Science + Scientific Process Classroom Clash Game – like Jeopardy”

by The Science Vault

5th – 9th Grade


Earth & Space Science


This is a powerpoint game similar to Jeopardy (TM). The six topics covered are: Scientific Method, Scientific Measurement, SI Units, The Earth, Earth Processes, and Space. Each topic has six questions arranged like Jeopardy: generally, the more money the question is worth, the harder the question. Great as a review or a back-to-school launch in an Earth Science class to get an idea about what your students already know. Jeopardy games are a great way to do something fun and challenging – I like to use them as a formative assessment in the beginning of a unit (or, in this case, a course), as a review, or even the last 20 minutes of class on a Friday 🙂

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Rubrics: Self Evaluation and teacher assessment rubrics



Rubrics: Self Evaluation and teacher assessment rubrics


Self-evaluation grids are a great way to guide students in their evaluations. Students will know exactly what is expected of them and will be made responsible for their own success. This package can also easily be changed to be used as peer evaluations.

Included within this document are over 20 different self-evaluation grids.

These self-evaluation grids are also very helpful to teachers:
 Helps the teacher justify the final mark;
Helps the teacher create meaningful evaluation grids;
 Helps to identify students’ weaknesses and strengths;
 Helps parents and students better understand the task required;
 Helps teachers create rubrics for the final evaluation.

This package was created in a Word document in order to be easily modified and changed according to the individual teacher’s needs.

This self-evaluation package contains self-evaluation grids for:
 Newspaper article
 Short story writing (intermediate and senior)
 Essay writing (various different types)
 Essay evaluation rubrics (for teacher –with and without sources)
 Independent study unit
 Research paper
 Skits
 Board game
 Group work
 Opinion piece
 Editorial
 Friendly letter
 Debate
 Movie review
 Journals
 Scrapbook
 Seminar
 Speech
 Riddle writing

It’s teaching made easy!