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English Grammar Cheat Sheet



English Grammar Cheat Sheet


This “Cheat Sheet” was designed to help students while writing in English. This at a glance 2 page sheet is colorful and has an easy to find layout to help students remember certain important things while they write.

I allow my students to use this in class when writing a test. This is not a grammar lesson, but it will remind students about the grammar they’ve learned in the past.

Some of the reminders included:

– parts of speech
– transitional words
– quotation marks (how and when to use them)
– basic sentence structure
– spelling tips (plurals of nouns and IE rule)
– puncutaion rules (apostrophe, colon, semicolon

The other side of the page has comma rules:
– with coordinate conjunctions
-with introductory elements
– with other elements (dates, parenthetical expression, nouns in a direct address)
– with adjectives
-with appositives

It also contains tips on things to avoid, such as writing a paragraph shorter than 4 sentences. And, it contains a list of things to do, such as make sure that your paragraphs contain at least 2 pieces of evidence.

It’s teaching made easy!

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Free Evidence Graphic Organizer”

by Just Add Students

4th – 9th Grade



This is a free Evidence Graphic Organizer. It can be used for any argument essay to help students gather and analyze arguments needed to support a claim.

This graphic organizer comes from my “Dear Santa, Take me off the Naughty List” resource.

I hope this little freebie makes your life easier! Please leave me feedback — I love to hear from you! Follow my store to be the first to know about future products and free items.

So happy you stopped by!

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