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Classroom Economy Wallet for Cash FREEBIE

Classroom Economy Wallet for Cash FREEBIE

There are different choices of wallet patterns or black and white. They can be used with classroom money or tickets. Laminate them for durability.

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Parts of Speech Grammar Circles (Superhero Themed)


Parts of Speech Grammar Circles (Superhero Themed)


Product Description

Superhero themed Parts of speech Grammar Circle Unit

One of the biggest challenges I had in my English classes was how to fit grammar in with everything else I had to teach. I would give students grammar pages and then we would correct them together. It was tedious and it took forever! What’s more is that students were not learning the way I wanted them to. They wouldn’t apply what they had learned from the grammar pages and activities.

I found a solution!

Grammar Circles. Grammar Circles are very similar to literature circles in the sense that students are teaching one another grammar. It is a fun and functional way to teach and Learn grammar. Although, this may be done individually, it can also be completed as a group where students, through a specific process outlined in the package, teach one another grammar. They also correct the work together, so the teacher has very little to do other than to facilitate and supervise.

Once these circles have been implimented and students know who their group members are and what they are supposed to do, it is a great prep to leave a supply teacher.

The package includes:

1) A Student Packet – which contains the Literature Circle directions, the notes and activities, and a “Mark Calculation” page to keep track of their marks. (27 pages)

Activities included focus on:

-putting in all together
-correct use of pronouns
-who and whom
-that and which
-who’s and whose
-that and who
-pronoun case
-pronoun agreement
-active and passive voice
-verb tenses (present, past, future)
-verb uses (consistency in verb tenses)

2) A teacher Guide with easy to follow instructions on how to organize the Grammar Circles.

3) The Answer Key – devised to allow students to correct their own work and learn from one another.

Also included are free Superhero Themed Parts of Speech Posters to decorate your class.

For those who are from Ontario, Canada – this unit adheres to the Grade 9 English Curriculum (academic). The unit can be taught in any grade to learn parts of speech.

(51 pages total for this unit)

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Total Pages
51 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “FREE “Word ADDiction” Worksheet/Team Activity/Game, Print-and-Teach Fun”

by Laura Randazzo

7th – 10th Grade



Know that awkward moment when you’ve finish a lecture early, all questions have been answered, and there’s still – yikes! – 10 minutes left in the period? Or do you have one of those classes that seems to finish everything about 15 minutes earlier than all of your other sections?

The solution is to keep ‘em busy until the end of the hour with fun and meaningful activities. This handy “Word ADDiction” print-and-teach worksheet was built to help fill all available class time. The handout can be used as an in-class or homework assignment, substitute teacher materials, or game/contest sheet. A completed example is also included for teacher and student reference.

As a game, place students in teams of two or three and give one sheet to each team. Then, announce the number you have chosen (I just pick a number between 50 and 100, but you could use a random number generator app to build more game show-style drama) and the amount of time (anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes) you’re giving teams to work on their answers. You could announce that the team with the highest number of words will win the sole prize or, even better, announce that any team finding more than, say, six words that meet the target number will win an extra credit point/a piece of candy/homework pass/whatever.

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