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Comment Bank



Comment Bank


Product Description

Do you run out of meaningful criticism for your students’ high school papers and work? 

I created this comment bank because I had the same problem. After a little while, you don’t know what to write on a student’s test.

The Comment Bank has been constructed to save the Language Arts teacher time when offering constructive and helpful comments on students’ evaluations. Marking papers in any Language Arts class is always a lengthy process. Increasingly, teachers are being asked to write more detailed comments to highlight students’ strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes we run out of ideas. Being the vigilant teachers we are, and wanting to help our students achieve their potential is and will always be one of our priorities. To this end, when marking students’ papers, writing down everything we want to say to them about their papers would be a very lengthy process. I have decided to share my personal comment bank with you.

The bank comments on the following areas: 

-The next step

The package contains 7 pages of comments, which are divided by levels of accomplishment A, B, C and D. (levels 100 to 50)

Included in this package are over 120 comments for students. You can get inspiration from these pages to handwrite your comments, or you can do what I do and copy/paste your comments into a word document, print, and staple the comment to the students’ evaluations. This is a real time saver. Parents, students, and school administration LOVE this method of feedback. And, this way, it takes much less time to be much more efficient. I hope you enjoy it!

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It’s teaching made easy!

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FREE Math Test Review Printable


Looking for a different way to review math problems? 

The Rock ‘n’ Roll strategy encourages students to explore the different aspects of the problem-solving process when reviewing math problems. This is a great strategy for reviewing test questions or reviews that have multiple choice answers. This strategy works best for
reviewing a few problems, maybe the most missed ones from an assessment or review, but it’s very effective.
Click here or on the image above to grab a free copy of my “Rock ‘n’ Roll Math” printables. You can read more about how to use the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Math” strategy here.
Want to know more? 

Head on over to The Routty Math Teacher website and read my latest post, “Six Tips for a Successful Math Review” where I share tips for a great review and some of my favorite review strategies. Read the post here or by clicking on the image below.



FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Earth Day Present Simple Sentences FREE!!!!”

by Smiley Teacher

4th – 6th Grade



Earth Day:Present Simple Tense

1. In this worksheet, there are 35 present simple sentences based on Earth Day theme.
2. Students will choose and write verbs given in the blanks in order to complete the sentences correctly.
3. There are 2 pages: 1 for worksheet and 1 for answer key

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10. Properties of Matter PowerPoint

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12. Earth Day Present Simple Sentences

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