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English Grammar Cheat Sheet


This “Cheat Sheet” was designed to help students while writing in English. This at a glance 2 page sheet is colorful and has an easy to find layout to help students remember certain important things while they write.

I allow my students to use this in class when writing a test. This is not a grammar lesson, but it will remind students about the grammar they’ve learned in the past.

Some of the reminders included:

❒ parts of speech

❒ transitional words

❒ quotation marks (how and when to use them)

❒ basic sentence structure

❒ spelling tips (plurals of nouns and IE rule)

❒ punctuation rules (apostrophe, colon, semicolon)

The other side of the page has comma rules:

❒ with coordinate conjunctions

❒ with introductory elements

❒ with other elements (dates, parenthetical expression, nouns in a direct address)

❒ with adjectives

❒ with appositives

It also contains tips on things to avoid, such as writing a paragraph shorter than 4 sentences. And, it contains a list of things to do, such as make sure that your paragraphs contain at least 2 pieces of evidence.

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It’s teaching made easy!

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Reflection Questions on the Pandemic — distance learning”

by Just Add Students
5th – 9th Grade

It’s been a year! What have your students learned about themselves during this past year? It’s important to let our students reflect and consider what they’ve been through, what they’ve lost, and what they’ve gained through this difficult, weird year.

This print and digital freebie includes a short, reflective questionnaire along with a writing prompt, and rubric.

Your students can use the questions to formulate a short reflective essay.

Extend their reflections into a memoir. What a great way for them to document their experiences this year.

Use it as a warm up, bell ringer, fast finisher activity, journal activity, or reflection journal prompt.

Perfect way to open up conversation and let your students think about how they’ve grown and matured through the pandemic.

Help your students connect with and make sense of this past year.

I love hearing from you! Please leave feedback!! Even for a freebie! It helps me know what you’d like to see more of!

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Just Add Students


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