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The Chrysalids- Chapter 15 Review Game


The Chrysalids Game for Chapter 15 is the perfect addition to any novel unit!  Students answer questions about important concepts and information from the novel in a Who Wants to be a Millionaire-themed game that is sure to engage even the most reluctant learner.  

According to research, using games when teaching increases student participation, comprehension, as well as fostering emotional and social learning.

Today’s 21st- century student needs to be fully engaged in learning to gain knowledge and then apply it in meaningful ways. Many teachers find that traditional comprehension questions are not engaging and often do not reinforce understanding. Both teacher and student often find answering the traditional chapter questions tedious and uninteresting.   

Help your students become fully engaged with John Wyndham’s “The Chrysalids” by incorporating these short, fun games into your unit.  

This game is also available as a bundle to save you time and money. Check out the bundle and where games for every chapter in the novel are included. Click here.

The game includes 10  quality questions that check the student’s understanding and are varied to include: 

  • Important vocabulary and terms
  • Symbolism
  • Irony
  • Foreshadow
  • Literary elements
  • Plot 
  • Characters
  • Quotes
  • Everything you would ask in traditional comprehension questions

The games created are interactive, engaging, and varied to maintain student interest. Each game includes a different theme with different challenges. Some games have game-show quiz-style questions, while others are like mini breakout rooms. Even better, the games require no preparation for the teacher. Other than an internet connection, nothing else is required! Merely share the game link with students, and they’re off to work on their own. The games also inform students of the correct answer to all questions, so they will learn the necessary information before moving on to subsequent material.

Students can play these games as a group or individually. Create a class challenge to see who can complete the games in less time. The possibilities are endless! These games are also a great way to engage students in learning online.

The activities will take 5 to 10  minutes, depending on the game and the student’s abilities.

I love doing this activity at the beginning of my lessons to review the previous chapter, facilitating discussions and class activities.

The games can be played on any PC, laptop or tablet, Smartphone, Mac, or Chromebook. Anything that can access the internet can be used to access the games. 

Check out this free sample from Chapter 1

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It’s teaching made easy!

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FREE MATH LESSON – “Commutative Property of Multiplication Digital Practice, Task Cards, & Quiz”

by Tessa Maguire
3rd Grade

Introduce the commutative property of multiplication with these engaging digital resources that supplement your core instruction. Three components are included: a lesson that introduces vocabulary and moves from concrete to abstract, digital task cards that give students practice with different models, and an easy-grade quiz on the commutative property portion of 3.OA.5.

Students will build their understanding of the commutative property of multiplication and as a strategy to solve unknown multiplication equations, will learn content vocabulary, practice applying the skill, answer open-ended questions, and complete a quick formative assessment on 3.OA.5 to show their learning. These digital resources designed with Google Slides and Google Forms seamlessly integrate with Google Classroom or your school’s learning management system.

These resources are designed to support your basal curriculum. They complement your instruction, providing everything you need for students’ independent practice- just assign and go! They save you time and energy from finding supplements each week. Since they’re designed to meet the rigorous demands of the state assessment, you can be confident in giving your students the support and instruction they need for success!


  • Commutative Property of Multiplication Digital Lesson on Google Slides and Answer Key
  • Commutative Property of Multiplication Digital Task Cards on Google Slides and Answer Key
  • Commutative Property of Multiplication Quiz on Google Forms
  • Using Google Slides help file
  • Using Google Forms help file

Using digital resources allows you to work with other students while students get valuable practice. These are perfect for centers, flipped classrooms, E-Learning days, or other independent practice times. These no-prep resources allow your students to independently apply the content vocabulary using the lesson. The next day, or after as an exit ticket, students can apply their learning by completing the digital task cards independently. Finally, students demonstrate their learning with an easy online assessment. This is a perfect pretest or end of lesson assessment.


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☆ Understanding Multiplication Digital Resources

☆ Introduction to Division Digital Resources

☆ Multiplication & Division Fact Families Digital Resources

☆ Elapsed Time Digital Resources

☆ 3rd Grade Fractions Digital Resources

☆ 3rd Grade Geometry Digital Resources


☆ Introduction to Multiplication Digital Resources

☆ Digital Multiplication Bump Games Freebie

☆ Digital Multiplication Bump Games Factors to 10

☆ Digital Multiplication Bump Games Factors to 12

☆ Multiplication & Division Games: 5 in a Row Fact Fluency Bundle

☆ Multiplication with Manipulatives- Halloween Spider Math

☆ Multiplication & Division Task Cards Bundle

★ 3rd Grade Geometry Digital Lessons Bundle

★ 3rd Grade Problem of the Day Story Problems Bundle
★ 3rd Grade CCSS Daily Math Warm Ups
★ 3rd Grade Story Problems Task Cards Bundle

★ Multiplication & Division Task Cards Bundle

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Purchase is for single classroom use only. Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product with colleagues.

You may not redistribute, edit, sell, or otherwise post this product on the internetYou may, however, post a link for others to purchase themselves.


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