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FREE: Math lesson “Multiplication Freebie”

As the school year is winding down before winter break, you are probably looking at just review materials for your little ones!  I imagine if your kiddos are like mine, they are starting to shift around in their seat more and are talking waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much about break- as if they are already on it!  There is no way their brain is going to take in any new material right now!

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So, I created this Holiday Multiplication Math Freebie to review our multiplication facts (because they could really use some extra practice to get those facts down!) that is Christmas based to hold their attention a little as they work on it.

Some of the sheets I have used as morning work or a quick warm up!  I have not only included practice with their facts, but I have also added array practice and story problems!

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Multiplication Modeling!

Multiplication Teaching Activities that help students transition to Middle School Math

A fantastic Multiplication bundle of activities that are excellent for students in 4th – 6th Grade. It helps students transition into middle school and learn the various methods to multiply.

Over the years, I learned that it is a huge transition for students from elementary to middle school with basic math skills. In elementary school many students are taught various strategies and methods to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

Yet, when the students get to middle school they need to be strong in the algorithm method of math skills. For this reason, I believe it is great to utilize the various strategies and assist students to making the transition to solve multiplication problems which is why this product was created.

Engage your students with multiple multiplication activities that include visuals, hands on tasks, and more!

Enjoy a Multiplication Card Game – Great in Stations.

Multiplication Card Game

Or a BUNDLE of Multiplication Activities!

Multiplication Models Bundle

This complete bundle of games, activities and stations is a great resource to meet common core standards and engage students!

Included are:
Colorful Engaging Graphic Organizer for interactive notebooks,
Guided graphic organizer,
Multiplication task cards,
Multiplication Model task cards,
Multiplication Card Games/Station,
Vocabulary lesson,
Activity sheets that may be used as
classwork, homework, or assessments
teaching tips & ideas

Get this Fantastic Bundle at ~ https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Multiplication-COMPLETE-Bundle-of-Activities-with-Guided-Graphic-Organizer-1947741 


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Math Lesson – “Engaging Math Centers 3rd Grade Standards”

By: Thirdgradetriumph

Grades: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th






Let’s play a math game! This huge pack of over 80+ pages of card games, board games, and assessment activities to practice 3rd grade math CCSS. This is a perfect way to jazz up your math centers and instruction with this fun and engaging pack! Be sure to check out the preview!

What’s included:
Math Go Round (practice essential math skills in this fun activity around the room. Get’s students up and out of their seats) – Assess a majority of 3rd grade math CCSS

Division Bingo (fun and engaging way to review division concepts) – 3.OA.7

Divide-O! (fun card game designed to review and practice division) – 3.OA.7 and 3.OA.5

Fractiontastic (fun and engaging activity to complete around the room. Also, a great way to review fractions!) – 3.NF.1, 3.NF.2, 3.NF.3

Expanded Form Headbandz (practice standard and expanded form with digits up to the hundred thousands with the classic game headbandz. You don’t need the actual game to play this one, you can make your own headbandz out of sentence strips and paperclips!) – 3.NBT.1

Don’t get it Twisted (practice multiplication facts with TWISTER. You don’t need the actual game of twister to play this. You can, like I did, make my own twister game mat by using white butcher paper and printing out the appropriate colors as the circle spots, then laminating for durability.) – 3.OA.7


This pack is sure to engage your students and have them coming back for more! It’s a perfect way to break away from the ordinary and have your students practice math concepts in an engaging and fun way. They will have so much fun that they will forget they are learning/reviewing. My kids always beg for more!


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Creative Warm-Ups for Math Class

By Deann Marin at The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs


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Offering for Educators, Comprehensive Teaching Aides. If you’d like to see what else I have to offer please visit my store



Math Warm Ups 2There are so many creative math warm-ups to help get your class excited about math class. Here are some that I’ve used. At least once a week, we had a math bee using flash cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division. I would hold up a card and each child would have a chance to answer. If the answer was correct, they would keep the card..  We would do this for at least 30 minutes and the student with the most cards would win.  The winner would act as the teacher and hold up the cards for the next game.

The math bee could also be done as a collaborative group activity. One child would be the leader/teacher of the group and hold up the card, and each child in the group would have their chance to answer. The winner would be the leader the next time we did the activity. Collaborative groups worked so well because each child had a turn more often. Of course they all wanted to win because they liked being the leader/teacher of the group or the class.


This next warm-up lasts about 5-10 minutes and you can do it at the beginning of each math class. Write 5-10 math problems on the board, have them work on them at their seats. Then call on students to come to the board and write their answer. I would ask questions such as, what operation or operations did you use to get your answer, or is this answer correct, why or why not. If we were working on math facts, I would sometimes put the problem on the board with the incorrect answer and ask them to fix it and  then have them explain why the answer was wrong. In addition to this, you could write down a problem with the correct answer and ask why it is correct. At other times, I would put a  problem on the board with the correct answer, but without a mathematical sign. They would have to tell me whether the example was addition, multiplication, addition, subtraction or a combination .

Multiplication & Division Word Problems  8x8 Cover


Math Warm Ups 1

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My partner used an awesome activity called mental math. He would come up with a math example, or word problem that the children would do in their heads, they couldn’t use paper. The first child to answer correctly would come up with a math example for the other students,/teacher and/or both to figure out. He also had them make up mental math problems for a homework assignment. They enjoyed it so much that often times I would hear them doing mental math with their friends while walking down the hall or sitting in homeroom. They especially loved it when they could stump the teacher, which didn’t happen often, but when it did, you could hearthe class cheering.

Another great activity for the beginning of each math class is called Help Me Get There. I would put a number on the board such as 150 and the class would figure out all the combinations of numbers that are equal to it.

Here are some examples:

  • 75=75=150
  • 130+20=150
  • 160-10=150
  • 30 X 5=150
  • 450 ÷3=150

Another fun activity is Guess What Number is in My Head. This game is similar to 20 questions. Draw a big head on the board with a question mark. The class will ask questions to arrive at the correct answer.  The child who guesses the answer gets to think of the next number. This can also be done in collaborative groups. I actually prefer this method because the kids get more chances. As closure for this activity, each group gets to pick a number for the teacher and classmates to guess.

Questions you might ask are:

  • Is the number odd or even?
  • Does the number end with a 0?
  • Is the number smaller than 25?
  • Is the number divisible by 2?
  • Is the number an integer?

Use your imagination and I just know that you will come up with some great ideas.


Picture Credit:  http://neurosciencenews.com/learning-math-neurodevelopment-hippocampus-1225/



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Are you looking for creative ways to get your class ready for math class?  You’ve come to the right place.

Check out these great ideas that educators are using in their classrooms.




End of the Year Arithmetic Game and Worksheet Bundle (Grades 2-4 & Sp.Ed.)

 By Deann Marin at the Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs
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Offering for Educators, Comprehensive Teaching Aides. If you’d like to see what else I have to offer please visit my store.

Has it ever seemed like the school year will never end and you find yourself counting the days and hours until summer vacation. You are in desperate need of some fun learning and reinforcement activities for your class because they are already on vacation. I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels, so, I have created an End of the Year Arithmetic Game and Worksheet Bundle that may just do the trick.
End of the Year addit,subt,mult,div board game for grades 2-4 8x8 Cover
This is an end of the year arithmetic fact review that can be used for grades 2-4 and Special Education it consists of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts from 1-12. All of the facts are on flash cards that may be used for the card game, “Spring into Summer War,” and the board game, “Spring Up, or Fall Down.” There are answer sheets for the class to use to make sure they have said the correct answer. When games are finished, there are worksheets that can be used as class work or homework. Just for fun, some pictures are at the end for coloring.
What’s Inside:
Pages 4-7         Instructions for Teacher
Page 8              Spring Up or Fall Down Game Board
Pages 10-12     Addition Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 13 52     Addition Cards
Pages 54-56     Subtraction Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 57-80     Subtraction Cards
Pages 82-84      Multiplication Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 85-122    Multiplication Cards
Pages 124-126  Division Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 127-166  Division Cards
Pages 168-183  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
                           & Division Worksheets
Pages 184-200 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
                     & Division Answer Sheets
Pages 201-202 Pages to Color

Graphics by
My Cute Graphics
Ta-Doodles Illustrations


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Freebie – Multiplication Crossword Puzzles


This is a great way for your kids to get extra practice with double digit multiplication.  The best part is that it’s free! Included are 3 crossword puzzles to practice 2×1 digit, 3×1 digit, and 2×2 digit multiplication.


These crossword puzzles are great for extra practice, extension, homework, math centers, and much more.  You can find them at the link below!


Thank You,

Sara Oberheide