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Wuthering Heights Student Workbook

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Wuthering Heights Student Workbook contains everything a teacher needs to teach Bronte’s novel. Instead of the boring question and answer format, the Student Workbook prompts students’ ideas about characters, asks them to comment on significant quotes, and to notice some of the essential techniques used by the author such as symbolism, allusions, themes, etc. in each of the chapters. I have created this resource for my own classes, and students love the meaningful format. Instead of writing information about themes, symbolism, characterization, etc. on separate sheets apart from the chapter questions, everything is integrated in a simplified way.

In addition, a comprehensive answer key is also provided for the teacher. You now have all of the flexibility needed for your lesson plans with all of the work provided for you.

More specifically, the Student Workbook contains work on (42 activity pages):

❒ Important information from each chapter

❒ Setting description and symbolism

❒ Characterization (you can see the characters develop as the students’ read)

❒ Gothic elements

❒ Symbolism

❒ Themes

❒ Supernatural occurrences

❒ Significant quotes

❒ Narration

❒ Allusions

❒ Sociogram (to show characters’ relationships)

❒ Inferencing questions to further students’ understanding

❒ Family tree (to help students remember who is who)

❒ Conflicts

❒ Literary techniques used by the author

❒ Characterization chart

Please see the product preview for more information.

This resource includes 84 pages in total. Please see the preview for further details.

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It’s teaching made easy!

Total Pages
84 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
2 months

FREE MATH LESSON – “Roll a Star – Addition and Subtraction”

by Readable Creations

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

This free math packet comprises 4 worksheets for skill practice using dice:
Addition to 12
Addition to 18
Subtraction from 10
Subtraction from 20

A recording sheet is included. Coloring the stars adds more fun to the exercise. The math activities in this packet support the development of the following concepts: addition and subtraction within 20; addition strategy of counting on; the meaning of the plus, minus and equal signs; commutative property of addition (3+5=5+3).

This activity could be played in a pair or small group. Each player has their own worksheet. Taking turns, if a roll doesn’t match any remaining numerals, move on to the next player’s turn. The first person to color all their stars is the winner.

This is the U.S. version … there is also a British English version listed.


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