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Figurative Language and Poetic Devices Jeopardy Game

Product Description

Are you looking for a new way of introducing poetic devices in your class? This PowerPoint document is a great way to review poetic terms or to help students learn them.

I play this game from grade 9 to grade 12 and all of the students love them.

Directions on how to play the game are also included.

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It’s teaching made easy!

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28 pages
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FREE SCIENCE LESSON – “NGSS Physical Science Review Puzzles and Skill Boosters”

by Ratelis Science

6th – 8th Grade

A free sample of three different puzzle worksheets from my sets of Next Genertion Science Standards review puzzles for middle school physical science that have students practice critical thinking skills and apply concepts from DOK level 1 and 2 needed to grapple with the performance expectations for NGSS MS-PS-2-2, NGSS MS-PS-3-1 and NGSS MS-PS-1-1

Great for stations, homework, early finishers or emergency sub plans.

FREE Sample Includes these three Puzzles

1) What would you get if you crossed Christmas with St. Patrick’s Day? NGSS PS-1-1

  • This puzzle requires students to use data about the mass and volume of 8 different coins and a data table to determine the letter code for solving the riddle.
  • Students can be expected to know the formula for density and fill it in the provided space or you can give students the formula in advance.
  • Coin 4 requires students to use deduction skills to determine the correct volume of the coin.
  • Density is a physical property of matter and is a commonly used as evidence to identify specific types of matter as described in NGSS PS-1-1

2) What movie do teenage ghosts love to watch? NGSS PS3-1-1

  • Halloween Themed (Ghost) puzzle.
  • Questions require students to calculate work, and potential energy using the provided formulas.
  • Also to work with kinetic energy quantitatively (have to determine the new amount of Kinetic Energy if the Mass is halved or doubled while the speed stays the same or if the speed doubles, while the mass stays the same)

3) What do you get when you cross a lizard and a bee? NGSS 2-2

  • Students solve net force diagrams to determine the missing force to put the object into equilibrium (net force = 0N)


Cover, TOU and teacher notes (3 pages)

3 different Puzzles with Answer Keys (6 pages)

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I take pride in my materials and guarantee satisfaction. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at science@ratelis.com

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