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ELA Literature Study Unit – Use with ANY Work of Literature


ELA Literature Study Unit – Use with ANY Work of Literature

This bundle has everything needed to teach any work of literature, to start literature circles, or as an alternative to independent book reports. It also teaches literacy skills which are essential for students to add meaning to content.

Now comes with a fill in the blank PDF for students who prefer using the computer

There are 24 pages in the unit guide that include:

❒ Anticipation guide

❒ Prediction chart

❒ Plot Chart

❒ Plot chart (graphic organizer)

❒ List of character traits and a STEAL chart for characterization

❒ Characterization graphic organizer

❒ STEAL characterization graphic organizer

❒ Character traits graphic organizer

❒ Conflict activity

❒ Personal word wall

❒ Important passages (quotes) activity sheet

❒ Questions for Comprehension (generic- before, during, and after reading)

❒ Event map

❒ Chapter summary pages

❒ Making inferences activity sheet

❒ Activity on author’s purpose

❒ Themes and how to develop them

❒ How to develop themes in paragraph form (using PEEL)

❒ Paragraph graphic organizer (using PEEL)

❒ How to answer a test question in paragraph form (using PEEL)

Included are 2 evaluations with rubrics:

1) Writing a journal as one of the characters in the story (focus on characterization)

2) Writing a newspaper article on an event from the story (focus on plot and cause and event)

Characterization poster for the classroom is also included in two different formats (legal size paper required).

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It’s teaching made easy!

Total Pages
31 pages
Answer Key
Included with rubric
Teaching Duration

FREE SCIENCE LESSON – “Self-Grading Editable Digital Notebook: Isotopes”

by Lab In Every Lesson
6th – 12th Grade

ONGOING use of this product requires a paid membership ($9/month or $49/year) to BookWidgets, the technology upon which the content is built. It enables teachers to modify the content of the digital interactive notebook, integrate the assignment into Google Classroom, view responses students submit electronically, automatically grade and analyze data from the free exit ticket which may be provided at the end of the coordinating interactive science lesson.

A 30-day free trial from BookWidgets is available, though, and it’s the reason I make this particular product free in my store. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the back end that only you will be able to view and edit!

digital interactive notebook containing the same content but without the ability for teacher manipulation is also available for sale in the store. With the basic version, students will be able to complete the assignment and download it to their computer or print it. Electronic submission will not be possible.


From using this digital interactive notebook, students will learn about isotopes so they can:

  1. talk like a scientist!
  2. recognize the difference between mass number, exact atomic mass, and average atomic mass.
  3. explain radioactivity.

Both you and your students will know they are successful when they can:

  1. define terms on the Word Wall.
  2. determine the composition of the nucleus for various isotopes.
  3. name isotopes using their mass number.
  4. explain how mass number is different from exact atomic mass.

The digital interactive notebook is built for independent student use. With the link, students can download their electronic work and save it to a folder on their computer or print it to compile hard copy evidence of their investigations. It includes all components of my interactive science lessons including activation and integrations of prior knowledge, guidance through active learning experiences and assessment of mastery through skill practice.

The following components are included in this digital interactive notebook to support student centered learning:

  • a “Review & Preview” activity to activate and assess prior knowledge.
  • a “Word Wall” which showcases vocabulary that is central to the lesson content.
  • analytical reading or writing components to promote scientific literacy.
  • at least one independent or small group learning experience which allows (1) students to create artifacts as evidence of their learning and (2) teachers to review main ideas with the whole group.
  • data-dependent analysis of the learning experience outcomes.
  • detailed answer keys for the outlined activities.
  • formative assessment of mastery.

This digital interactive notebook offers incredible flexibility with regard to delivery of the lesson:

  • use as a companion to the corresponding interactive science lesson.
  • use as the foundation for an interactive science notebook.
  • use part of the web form as an introduction to the lesson.
  • assign part or all of the web form as homework.
  • use as a distance learning resource
  • use on a day during which a substitute leads class.


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It is well worth your time to look more deeply into the technology that powers my digital interactive notebook product line. Here are two articles I’ve written on the development of these resources as well as their use:

  1. BookWidgets is the Best Software to Support Student Centered Distance Learning!
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A comprehensive overview video I’ve prepared might also be helpful toward understanding what these products include, while this video response to a customer question might help you understand how you’d use them.

I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have about this product or BookWidgets, in general, via email at lisa@labineverylesson.com.

You can, alternatively, send me a chat in the Lab In Every Lesson community!


In an effort to allow teachers to experience the Lab In Every Lesson curriculum in its entirety, all coordinating products for this lesson are also free!!!

Explore them to experience how the 5 elements of effective interactive science lessons for student centered learning are incorporated.

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