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FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON – “Task Cards: Nationalities, Countries and Languages”

by Urbino12
7th – 10th Grade

DESCRIPTION: Wth these ESL speaking task cards students will be able to:
– become familiar with 24 different countries, nationalities, famous people from the country and languages spoken
– practice pronouncing international countries, languages and nationalities
– practice asking and answering Who is from?.. I’m from… using the contraction I’m and the verbs forms: I speak, I’m from, I’m etc… in the present tense for the first and third person singular forms: IE
I’m from Italy.
I’m Italian.
I speak Italian.

HOW TO PLAY: Distribute cards to students. If you have less than twenty four students you may distribute one card to a student. One student begins by stating: I’m from Italy. I’m Italian. I speak Italian. Who is from France? The student with France on the card then responds and asks the next question printed on the card. etc. Game will end with the same student who began the game.

Famous people were mostly selected from American pop culture so students can easily make an identification.

Also contains a blank set of three task cards for you to add your own nationalities.

Countries and famous people depicted on each card are: Italy, Andrea Bocelli, Brsazil Pele’, Canada, Justin Beiber, China, Jackie Chan, France, Coco Chanel, Germany, Heidi Klum, Japan, Yoko Ono, England (UK), Princess Kate and Prince WIlliam, Mexico, Frida Kahlo, Portugal, Maria de Medeiros, Russia, Olga Korbut, Spain, Penelope Cruz, United States , Barack Obama, Switzerland, Heidi da Johanna Spyri, India, Fareed Zacharia, Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Korea, PSY, Ireland, Pierce Brosnan, Poland Gwyneth Paltrow, Sweden , Bjorn Borg, Argentina, Il Papa Francesco, Australia, Iggi Azalea, Greece, John Stamos.

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