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May Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern


It’s May and June is just around the bend. You’re probably counting the days till summer vacation. Be sure to stop by and see what these teachers are doing in their classrooms and gather some great tips and ideas. This is the last link-up for this school year. We’ll see you in September

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Pack a Super Summer Kit
Suggestions for a super summer kit, to keep them learning over their vacay.
How to Keep Your Class Engaged Through the End of the Year
The end of the school year is just around the corner. You’re looking forward to summer vacation and so are your students, but you still have at least 3-4 or more weeks left, so what do you do to keep those kiddos turned on to learning?  Here are some tips.
The Difference Between Giving Up & Knowing When You’ve Had Enough

Angst and thoughts about the issues that teachers face today…one teacher’s journey.


He Can’t? I Bet He Can!

Sometimes students who are severely physically disabled are thought not to be able to learn; especially when they can’t speak or respond. We need to think outside the box.


Summer Reading: What’s Hot? and What’s Cool?

Reading Spotlight’s May Blog Post explains how to find out “What’s Hot? and “What’s Cool?” this year for Summer Reading. Want to know “Why Kids Don’t Read,” “How to Motivate Summer Reading,” and “Why Summer Reading is So Important”? You’ll find links there, too, for this valuable information.


Tales from a Teacher: The Light Bulb

It’s math time again! Each day this week I’ve been watching my students’ eyes glaze over while teaching. Last night, I stayed up late to plan out today’s difficult lesson. As I approach the board…
Mad Tea Party Mother’s Day Tea
How do you honor your mothers? Plan a Mad Tea Party Mother’s Day Tea!
Save The Insects: Having Fun With Insects and Plants

Creative teaching ideas for students to explore insects and plants with hands on activities, as well as a creative research component to keep them reading and writing about insects and plants at home.


Why I seek volunteers for classroom book clubs and where I find them

I love having volunteers participate in my classroom book clubs. Read about why I make the effort to bring the community into my classroom and where I find willing volunteers.


Riddling for Geometry

By Kathie Yonemura of Tried and True Teaching Tools

Although most students think of geometry as shapes, it’s so much more! Geometry riddles are the perfect opportunity to promote thinking and reasoning! 


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End of the Year Musings


By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

Baby Canada GeeseI always approach the end of the school year with mixed emotions, though I’m ecstatic to be out for summer vacation, I always feel a little sad saying good-bye.  Many of my soon to be 7th graders hug me and leave with tears in their eyes, knowing that our little family will no longer be together. All the trials and tribulations, the challenges, the fun times and sad times will be always be with us, but it will never be the same.

Reflecting back to the beginning of the year, I remember how small they were when they first entered my room, some shy and nervous about their first few days, others acting cool trying to impress their peers., especially those they don’t know. The first hurdle over, they’ve opened their lockers. Simple process for some while others end up in tears because they can’t figure out how to do it. By the end of the year, they look back at this and laugh at themselves.

How strict I am the first few weeks, trying very hard not to crack a smile. This is the time to get them into shape. so that we all have a great year. They learn the rules and always test me.  Finally, after awhile, I can let my hair down and be myself. I can crack jokes, they can joke around and we can all laugh together. This is when real learning takes place, and to see their “ah ha,” moments is what teaching is all about.

I love 6th graders, the majority are so willing to learn, that it makes teaching rewarding and enjoyable.. One of my favorite things is our morning discussions. Their backgrounds are quite diverse and I learn something new almost everyday. Many are knowledgeable about a lot of things and they’re eager to share. They can talk about whatever is on their mind, and they feel safe doing so. We are now, officially a family and I’ve become their surrogate parent.Sandhill Crane Flying

As I say good-bye, each of my kids takes a part of me with them.  I feel certain that I’ve given them the support, strength and confidence to move on to seventh grade.   The time has come for them to spread their wings a fly.

When I close the door for the final time, I take comfort in knowing that soon I’ll have another bunch of little chickadees to bring up.


Have a wonderful summer








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