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We Teach So Hard Episode 7: Organization Intervention

The dust has settled and the new school year has begun. Your desk is piled with papers and the name tags on your students’ desks have begun to peel. How do you maintain your classroom organization when you’re drowning in a tidal wave of paper work, reports, data folders, assessments and ungraded papers? Join us as we discuss organizational tricks…like hosting an after school bonfire to manage your paper work…Anyone have the marshmallows?…. JUST KIDDING! Kind of. 

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Don’t Let the Pencil Craze Get to You!


Are pencils driving you crazy?

Students not having a pencil?

Losing them? Breaking the tip?

The pencil craze got to me too!  It doesn’t need to!  During my student teaching we had cups with pencils at each group that we sharpened every morning and ensured there were plenty in each cup, which was great!  That was in first grade. Over the years, I became use to about 2-3 students per class not having a pencil, therefore, I always purchased a box or two at a time and handed pencils out to those students.   This year was a little different for me and the pencil craze got me!  So many lost pencils, broken pencil tips, or students just didn’t have a pencil.

I felt pencil crazed!  A solution must be found!!!

After much thought I came up with my “Pencil Station”!

Read All About My Pencil Station at MMooreEducationalResources.com! 


Best Wishes,  Ms Moore


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New Beginnings: Classroom Organization

By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

Are you looking for Ways to Organize your Classroom?

Classroom Organization Blog Post.002

 You’ve come to the right place!

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By Mary Carr of Carrberry Creations

Feeling over whelmed by where to start when organizing your classroom this year? Find strategies for success int his blog post.


by Jenny Kramer of Miss Jenny and Edutunes

As you prepare for the beginning of the school year, consider organizing your day–and your lesson plans–around music. Music brings joy to both students and teachers. Songs are amazing tools for organizing a classroom, and managing a classroom, in a very positive way.


By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing

Great ideas for classroom organization to save you time and money.


By Marypat Mahoney of Just Add Students

Looking for some quick tips to help you organize your desk this year? Here are 7 tips to help you get there! #5 is my favorite!


By Crystal Brown of Dr. Crystal Brown

Learn how Microsoft OneNote can improve how you plan as teacher, organize your notes and files from meetings and professional development and share them with colleagues. 


How Using Binders Saved My Teacher Sanity

By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

How a disorganized person found a way to bring organization to my teaching life.


By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It seems like every year, summer vacation goes quicker and quicker and before we know it, school comes a calling. What I’ve always liked about teaching is that each year is a new beginning. What happened last year is in the past and I’m always so happy to meet my new charges. New challenges, new things to teach, new things to learn, different methods and programs keep my teaching fresh. I’m going to share some of the things that I do to organize my classroom into a good environment for learning.



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