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LANGUAGE ARTS – “Closed Syllable Bundle Packet”

Grades K-3

by Reading on Strawberry Lane 

Closed Syllable Bundle Cover

Closed Syllables Bundle Packet-4Closed Syllable 1-Compressed

Closed Syllable 2 Compressed

Fifty percent of our English language is closed syllable type words. Once a student learns this syllable type, they have a great foundation upon which to build. So it is a well worth our efforts to invest our time teaching this syllable type if we are going to have successful readers.I created this packet for my students to have fun learning closed syllable type words. There are 6 syllable types, and closed syllable is the most basic type to teach. There are multiple word lists in the unit, ‘Reading Closed Syllables.’ This reading unit provides 158 word lists of the closed syllable type words. Also, a master list of all the words is included as a quick reference. The lists in this unit include words spelled using each vowel in conjunction with common phonograms. These lists of words will help students recognize the common patterns seen in closed syllables. Also, reading will become more manageable for students once they understand the different syllable types.

The unit, ’15 Games & Activities Teaching Closed Syllables’ include 15 fun games and activities that can be placed in literacy centers for the students to enjoy. The following games are included in this packet:

1. Bubble Bath
2. Bubble Yum Relay
3. Scrambled Eggs
4. Bag the Odd Chip
5. Morph the Word
6. Flower Power
7. My Closed Syllable Word Book
8. Recording Sheet
9. Roll a Word
10. Spin a Word
11. Puzzle Words
12. Hangin’ Out the Laundry
13. Map Out The Treasure
14. Connect 4
15. Beat the Clock

Teaching Verbals: Infinitives

Verbals Bundle InfinitivesTeaching verbals is not the most exciting unit lesson, so I always try to incorporate finding them within other literature as your class is reading. However, they always need some extra practice! So, here are five worksheets for in-class or homework for that extra little infinitive boost!

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Digraph /th/ Roll and Graph”

by The Learning Center

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade


th Roll and Graph


This is an activity from my “Fun With Digraphs” pack. It is designed to practice the digraph /th/. This freebie includes ONE of the Roll and Graph activities from the full version!
This Freebie includes:
* Roll and Graph
* Roll and Graph Recording Sheet

If you are looking for more activities, check out the FULL version at Fun With Digraphs

It includes: Roll and Graph (4 versions for each digraph) * Puzzles- Matching and Create-Your-Own * Practice page (One for each digraph) * Room sort activity * Interactive Notebook review page * 8 Anchor Charts (2 for each Digraph- One has just pictures, and one has words and pictures)

Looking for more on the digraph /th/??? Grab the full /TH/ pack here:
TH Digraph Activity Pack

Check out my other Individual Digraph Packs
CH Digraph Activity Pack:
SH Digraph Activity Pack
WH Digraph Activity Pack









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