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LANGUAGE ARTS – “Closed Syllable Bundle Packet”

Grades K-3

by Reading on Strawberry Lane 

Closed Syllable Bundle Cover

Closed Syllables Bundle Packet-4Closed Syllable 1-Compressed

Closed Syllable 2 Compressed

Fifty percent of our English language is closed syllable type words. Once a student learns this syllable type, they have a great foundation upon which to build. So it is a well worth our efforts to invest our time teaching this syllable type if we are going to have successful readers.I created this packet for my students to have fun learning closed syllable type words. There are 6 syllable types, and closed syllable is the most basic type to teach. There are multiple word lists in the unit, ‘Reading Closed Syllables.’ This reading unit provides 158 word lists of the closed syllable type words. Also, a master list of all the words is included as a quick reference. The lists in this unit include words spelled using each vowel in conjunction with common phonograms. These lists of words will help students recognize the common patterns seen in closed syllables. Also, reading will become more manageable for students once they understand the different syllable types.

The unit, ’15 Games & Activities Teaching Closed Syllables’ include 15 fun games and activities that can be placed in literacy centers for the students to enjoy. The following games are included in this packet:

1. Bubble Bath
2. Bubble Yum Relay
3. Scrambled Eggs
4. Bag the Odd Chip
5. Morph the Word
6. Flower Power
7. My Closed Syllable Word Book
8. Recording Sheet
9. Roll a Word
10. Spin a Word
11. Puzzle Words
12. Hangin’ Out the Laundry
13. Map Out The Treasure
14. Connect 4
15. Beat the Clock

FREE MISC. LESSON – “Mother’s Day Craft & Poem FREEBIE!”

by Jennifer Drake

Pre-Kindergarten – 3rd Grade


Mother's Day Craft


Your student’s Moms/Mums/Grandmas/Aunts & Special Ladies are going to LOVE their very first ‘diamond’ necklace made by their child! And you are going to LOVE the feedback and smiles on everyone’s faces!

I have been making these in my classroom for years and I have Moms come back years later raving about their first ‘diamond’ necklace and how it is still their most prized piece of jewelry!

This Pack Includes:
*Photos of how to make the ‘diamond’ necklace

*Recipe for flour/salt dough w/ directions

*Alternative suggestion to using flour/salt dough with photos

*Necklace poem- 4 frames- for Mom

*Necklace poem- 4 frames- for Mum

*Necklace poem- 2 frames for Grandma, 1 for Aunt & 1 for ‘Special Lady’

~Copy on colored paper and wrap or present with the necklace!
I have included poems for Mom/Mum/Grandma. If you need something else, please contact me!

All you need is some flour, salt, water & dimes! Add some paint, ribbon & beads and you are all set for a gift that will put a ‘sparkle’ in mom/mum/grandma’s eyes and heart!

Looking for more fun Mother’s Day Fun?
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Looking for more fun and innovative ways to motivate children while learning?
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Or the direct link for spring/spring holiday resources:
Click Here For Spring Resources

Feedback on this freebie is greatly appreciated! I would love to hear how the Moms/Mums/Grandmas/Aunts & Special Ladies in your class loved this!!

Be sure to visit me on Facebook and on my blog for more great ideas!

Happy Mother’s Day Craft & Poem Free Fun!







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Poetry Unit for Intermediate Students



poetry unit for intermediate students



2 weeks of thinking done for you. This unit is appropriate for grades 8-10

Looking for a meaningful and effective way to teach poetry? This unit is a fun way to learn and experiment with figurative language. It uses a mixture of contemporary songs and traditional poetry to teach students about themes and to help them learn the various forms of poetry. The creative, hands-on activities also focus on the importance of having a voice and using it properly.

The unit covers subjects such as: bullying, courage, standing up for yourself and for others, standing up for one’s convictions and discovering what is important to students.

This unit uses poetry to help students have a better understanding of themselves and to stand up for things they believe in.

The files are in PDF format and are zipped for convenience.

-1 set of « I HAVE, Who has? » cards to help students remember figurative language in a fun way. (1 set of instructions for the game)

-A comprehensive teacher guide with 11 complete and detailed lessons (no prep required) – (8 pages) – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO TEACH THIS UNIT HAS BEEN DONE FOR YOU

-A student package that contains ALL notes, poems, and handouts students will need for the unit (18 pages)

-An end unit evaluation (with detailed evaluation rubrics and step by step instructions for students – one for the written component and one for the oral component). The end unit evaluation is in Word format along with the evaluation rubric for easy modifications. The final unit evaluation is a written poem and poetry reading, where students’ voices can be heard.

-A detailed Answer Key with notes, annotated poems, and answers to questions and activities. (8 pages)

Poems studied include:
– Song lyrics – Jessie J’s “Domino” (Goal : review figurative language and analyze messages found in popular media.)
– Jonathan Reed’s “The Lost Generation”
– Selena Matis’ “Ability”
– Robert Frost’s “The Road not Taken”
– Robert Hayden’s “ Those Winter Sundays”
– Song lyrics “True Colors”
– Emily Dickenson’s “Hope is the Thing with Feathers”
– Rudyard Kipling’s “If”
– Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman”
– There are also video links added to the unit to enhance learning in the classroom