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Poetry Through Song (Sound of Silence)

Product Description

This individual 2-day lesson teaches poetry through song lyrics

The lesson included in this mini bundle includes a lesson plan, student activity sheets, and a comprehensive answer key. Students will analyze the song “The Sound of Silence,” will learn the importance of allusions, will learn about theme development, and will compare both the original Simon and Garfunkle version to the Disturbed version, all while furthering the theme of the song.

Poetry should be fun, and it can be!

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It’s teaching made easy!

Total Pages
7 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
2 days

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Tiger Rising Novel Study Resources Freebie Kate DiCamillo Common Core”

by James Whitaker

5th – 12th Grade

The Tiger Rising
(by Kate DiCamillo)
Novel Study and Unit Resources Freebie
by James D. Whitaker


Product/Materials Preface [Grades 5-12]

This English Language Arts Novel Study and Unit Resource Freebie is part of my 140+-page Mega Study and celebrates the Kate DiCamillo’s thematically rich novel The Tiger Rising. I was more familiar with DiCamillo’s more upbeat tales: Because of Winn Dixie and The Tale of Despereaux, but I recently picked up The Tiger Rising, quickly devoured it, and it is now my favorite of her of novels. So, I thought I’d throw together this thought provoking and powerful novel study to help my colleagues share the endearing story with their students. Nevertheless, the tale is rich in theme and takes us on a tour de force through the mind of a young, grief-stricken protagonist. The story grapples bullying, emotional imprisonment, the search for a kindred spirit and ultimately redemption.

This Freebie Includes (23 pages):

5: Overview of High Order Thinking Concepts in The Tiger Rising
6-7: Character Description Blurb GO with Characters Written In
8: In-depth Synopsis and Chapter Reflection, Analysis, Evaluation Template [Any Chapter]
9: Kate DiCamillo Author Card
10: The Tyger Artwork and Related Pictures
11: Setting: Weather Conditions GO
12: Literal and Figurative Death and Resurrection GO
13: Flashback: Memories of a Beloved Mother GO
14: Six Stages of Plot GO
15: Notes Page GO
16: Causal Root and Divergent Effects GO
17: Character Reflection Response Templates for Rob
19: The Tyger – William Blake Poem
20: Suitcase GO
21: Titling the Nameless Chapters Activity Sample – Chapters 1-6
22: 5 Stages of Grief and Loss GO
23: Name Origins Activity – Completed
24: Analyzing Symbols GO – With Pictures
25: Coming of Age GO
26: Abstract Concepts List
27: Character Trait Analysis Card – Sistine “Sissy” Bailey
28: character Transition GO – Robert “Rob” Horton, Jr.

To purchase my 140 Page Novel and Unit Resource Mega Study for The Tiger Rising you can click the link below:


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**This unit resource also works well with Upper Grade SpEd and ELL students with a focus on Conflict, Duality, Symbolism, and Universal Themes of Human Nature.The words are easy to read but the content is very rich and mature!**

The 140 + Page Novel and Unit Resource Mega Study Includes:


5: Overview of High Order Thinking Concepts
6-7: Character Description Blurb GO with Characters Written In
8-9: Character Description Blurb GO Blank
10-19: Synopsis and Chapter Reflection, Analysis, Evaluation Template [3 Chapters/Template]
20: In-depth Synopsis and Chapter Reflection, Analysis, Evaluation Template [1 Chapter]
21: Kate DiCamillo Author Card
22: Michelangelo [The Sistine Chapel] Artist card
23: William Blake [The Tyger] Poet Card
24: The Tyger Pictures and Memorabilia
25: The Changing of Setting Overtime GO
26: Setting: Weather Conditions GO
27: Literal and Figurative Death and Resurrection GO
28: Flashback: Memories of a Beloved Mother GO
29: Character Types and Roles GO
30: Literary Elements Overview GO
31-32: Six Stages of Plot GOs
33-34: Beginning Middle End – Summarizing the Simple Plot GOs
35: Notes Page GO
36: Causal Root and Divergent Effects GO
37: Major Events Timeline GO
38: Character Transition Timeline GO
39: Foreshadowing Timeline GO
40: Flashback Sequences Timeline GO
41: Understanding Character Traits Response Template
42: Character Reflection Question Template
47-48: Analyzing & Evaluating Major Conflicts GO & Response Template
49: Facts and Opinion Recorder GO
50-54: Character Reflection Response Templates for: Rob, Sistine, Robert, Willie May, & Mr. Beauchamp
55: Character Reflection Response Template Blank
56: The Tyger Poem by William Blake
57: Suitcase GO
58: Cause and Effect GO
59: Converging Causes and Climatic Effect GO
60-61: Titling the Nameless Chapters Activity [1-15] & [16-30]
62: Titling the Nameless Chapters Activity Sample – Chapters 1-6
63: 5 Stages of Grief and Loss GO
64: Making Text Connections GO
65-66: Identifying Figurative Language Types GO – 1 w/ Types and 1 Open-Ended
67-68: Classifying Parts of Speech GO – 2 Versions
69: Vocabulary and Word Work GO
70: Identifying Synonyms and Antonyms GO
71: Distinguishing Between Common and Proper Nouns GO
72: Distinguishing between Concrete and Abstract Nouns GO
73: Identifying Subject and Verb GO
74: Classifying Sentence Types GO
75: Identifying Imagery GO
76: Name Origins Activity – Complete
77: Names Origins Activity – Blank
78: Symbolic Characters GO – Names Written In
79: Symbolic Characters GO – Blank/Open-Ended Entries
80: Objects and Colors as Symbols GO – Objects Written In
81: Objects and Colors as Symbols GO – Blank/Open-Ended
82: Places as Symbols GO – Places Written In
83: Objects as Symbols GO – Blank/Open-Ended
84: Motifs GO – Motives Written In
85: Motifs GO – Blank/Open-Ended
86: Dualisms/Dualities GO – Dualities Written In
87: Dualism/Dualities GO – Blank
88: Analyzing Symbols GO – Blank
89: Analyzing Symbols GO – With Pictures
90: Simple Conflict Response Template – 2 Responses
91: Simple Conflict Response Template – In-Depth Response
92: Dialogue Recognition GO
93: Dialogue Analysis GO
94-97: STEAL Indirect Characterization GO 1, 2, 3, 4
98-100: Vocabulary Cards – 3 Different Versions
101: Rob’s Dreams GO with Visuals
102 Open-Ended Response GO with 6 Response Spaces
103: Open-Needed Response GO with 3 Thought Bubbles
104: Similes Analysis GO
105: Locating Similes GO
106-107: Coming of Age GOs – 2 Versions
108-109: Making Predictions GOs –2 Versions
110-111: Making Inferences GOs – 2 Versions
112-113: Determining Importance of Plot Events GO – 2 Versions
114: Interpreting Feelings and Inferring Traits GO
115: 5 Ws and 1 H Event GO
116: Abstract Concept List
117: Building Universal Themes GO
118-120: Formulating Universal Themes Response GO
121-122: Comparing and Contrasting Major Characters T-Charts
123-124: Synonym and Antonym Relationship Webs – 2 Versions
125: Character Trait Graphic Organizer
126-127: Parts of Speech 4 Quadrant GOs – 2 Versions
128: Making Text Connections 4 Quadrant GO
129-133: Character Trait Analysis Cards – 5 Versions/5 Characters
134: Open-Ended Venn Diagram
135: Open-Ended Character Venn Diagram
136: 4 Character Overview GO
137: Rob’s Emotional State Go
138: Tri-Comparison Character Role GO
139: Open-Ended Tri-Comparison GO
140-141: Character Transition GO – 2 Versions – Rob and Sistine
142-145: Text Connection Response Templates – 4 Versions

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