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Opinion Letter with the Novel Holes

Product Description

The Opinion Letter with the Novel Holes

Appropriate for grades 7 to 9, students learn how to recognize and write a supported opinion using Louis Sachar’s novel “Holes.”

The bundle includes:

-An activity sheet on “What is a Supported Opinion?” (with answer key)

-Instructions on how to write an effective opinion letter

-The evaluation which contains the instruction sheet and list of topics (that were selected for students of different needs. Students who are high achieving might select one of the more complex topics, while a student who struggles can choose a more obvious one.)

-An evaluation grid is included along with evaluation expectations

-All writing process directions and sheets are included (Pre-Writing or Brainstorming sheet and a Paragraph Organizer)

-Also included is an example of the writing process from beginning to end to help students fully understand what the task entails. (Pre-Writing sheet, Paragraph Organizer and the final draft, which includes format expectations.)

It really is teaching made easy! Print it and go!

Ten pages in PDF format are included.

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Total Pages 10

Answer Key Included with rubric

Teaching Duration 4 days


by Dragons Den

3rd – 5th Grade

Add a little homophone learning into that Christmas craziness with this fun homophone game! Homophones are hard for kids and adults alike. This game puts a little Christmas fun into a tricky skill!

This resource includes:

Teacher notes


36 game cards that include the following homophones:
there their they’re
ate eight
to too two
would wood
hour our
nose knows
sea see
whole hole
tale tail
your you’re
road rode
won one
be bee
cent scent
clothes close
meet meat
past passed

Answer Key

If you are interested in another resource that can take you through those crazy fun days before vacation, check out my resource below:

Help! The Elves Are Driving Me Crazy! A Teacher’s Christmas Survival Pack

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Ho Ho Ho Homonym Game by Jan Bernard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


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