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The Yellow Wallpaper Mini-Unit (Digital resource included)


The Yellow Wallpaper Mini-Unit” is perfect for teaching students to analyze literature in a meaningful way. All of the prep work and thinking have been done for you. This truly is a print-and-go resource. The mini-unit includes 5 lesson plans, an interactive PowerPoint presentation to introduce the story’s historical context, student activities, as well as a detailed answer key. The mini-unit also includes a creative writing piece that allows students to play around with voice and situate themselves within the context of the times.

This lesson is suitable for grades 9 to 12.

60 pages and 19 slides total in this unit.

See below for further details.

The PowerPoint is an interactive presentation with information about the author, the context of the time, notes on feminist literature and its history, information about Weir Mitchell and the rest cure, experts from François Poullain de la Barre’s “The Woman as Good as the Man, and an excerpt from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “Émile, or On Education” to help students understand women’s frustrations and the want for change.

The Lesson Plans contain 5 comprehensive lessons, which fully explore this work’s mastery and teaches students to think critically by annotating the work. The lesson plans include journal topics, class discussions, and exit tickets, as well as learning goals for each lesson for students to fully grasp the importance of this work.

The student Activities include an activity on symbolism, activity on the theme, a tutorial on how to develop themes in paragraph form (this is an important skill for ELA students), an example of a developed theme, and a paragraph organizer.

Two copies of the short story are included – a copy of the short story with space for students to annotate the work and an annotated copy for the teacher or for differentiated learning as the case may be. (Provided in Word as well as PDF format to allow you to add your own annotations.)

An analysis evaluation is also included available in Word and PDF format to suit students’ needs.)

❒Students will write an analytical paragraph where students must develop one of the themes from the work. (A sample answer is provided with a rubric)

❒ A comprehensive answer key is provided for all work.

This resource includes a digital version in Google Docs to facilitate online and distance learning.

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It’s teaching made easy!

Total Pages
60 pages and 19 slides
Answer Key
Included with rubric
Teaching Duration
1 Week

FREE MATH LESSON – “Mean Median Mode and Range Math Game | Math Activity | Truth or Dare”

by Cognitive Cardio Math
5th – 6th Grade

Print, copy, cut and play this mean, median, mode, range game – a math version of truth or dare!

With 36 question cards, this easy-prep game offers students a choice of question types – a “truth,” which is a true or false question addressing vocabulary or more basic mean, median, mode and range questions; or a “dare,” which addresses more difficult MMMR questions. The different cards have different point levels for students to earn. They record their answers and points on their recording sheets.

Have you checked out the Mean, Median, Mode and Range Activity Bundle? Several activities and a bit of savings!

Great to play in groups of 3 – 4, but group size can vary….the smaller the group, the more questions each student will answer. Also great as a center activity.

Check out this video to see how this math game works.

Questions require students to:

  • Identify correct methods for finding mean, median, mode, range
  • Find mean, median, mode, range, given data set
  • Find missing numbers in data set, given other data points and measure of center
  • Identify outliers

This easy-prep activity includes:

  • Detailed directions
  • 36 cards (with and without background)
  • Recording sheet
  • Answer key

Check out more Truth or Dare Math Games, including the Google Truth or Dare versions and the online Truth or Dare games on my site – these are super easy to use. They use the same questions as the paper/pencil and Google versions, but the Dare questions are multiple choice:-)

More truth or dare games can be found here

For additional MMMR practice, your students might like Mean, Median, Mode & Range Footloose or MMMR Color by Number (also a freebie).

Please keep in touch by following me, to be notified when new products are uploaded! Resources are 1/2 off for the first 24 hours, so it pays to follow:-)


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