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MATH – “Math Workshop Can Work For YOU!”

By:  The Owl Teacher

Grades 3-5

There are so many workshops out there- Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, and even Math Workshop!  Just when you get one down, the another comes around!  The nice thing is, they are very much alike!  Even if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or exhausted, I can make it easy for you!

Math Workshop Guided Math

Head on over to my blog where I have posted lots of information regarding math workshop and how to make it work in your classroom – without being overwhelmed and exhausted!

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LANGUAGE ARTS – “75 Games & Activities for Teaching Syllable Type Reading”

Grades K-4

by Reading on Strawberry Lane


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.10.59 PM



The bundle packet includes 75 games and activities that all target teaching the 6 types of syllables in reading: Closed Syllables, V-C-e Syllables, r-Controlled Syllables, Open Syllables, Vowel Digraph & Diphthong Syllables, and Final Stable Consonant Syllables.
The basic overall purpose of learning syllable type reading is to give students 6 reading strategies to aid them in chunking longer words into short, readable parts. Learning to read by identifying the type of syllable is the most consistent method to teach reading to your students, and the easiest way for your students to learn to read.These 75 activities/games can be placed in language stations, or they can be played during small groups. So enjoy as your students learn another way to break the code to reading!At the present, I am creating my last packet of game and activities to go with the final stable syllable type, and once I complete it, I will make it available. Also, if you would like to preview what is in the packet, just click on the preview tab and you can see a sample of some (not all of them) of the games in the packet.The Closed Syllable Packet includes the following games:
1. Bubble Bath Mats
2. Bubble Yum Mats
3. Scrambled Eggs
4. Bag the Odd Word
5. Morph the Word
6. Flower Power
7. My Closed Syllable Word Book
8. Closed Syllable Sorting Mats
9. Roll a Word
10. Spin a Word
11. Puzzle Words
12. Hangin’ Out the Laundry
13. Map Out the Treasure
14. Connect 4
15. Beat the ClockThe V-C-e Syllable packet includes the following games/activities:
1. Move the Spider to His Web
2. Syllable Type Organizers
3. Connect 4
4. Color the Snail’s Shell
5. Graph Your Total
6. Dominoes
7. It’s Raining V-C-e Words
8. Burst a Balloon
9. Flower Power
10. V-C-e Booklets
11. Flip-Flop Match-Up
12. A Walk Around the Block
13. Skunk
14. Building Words
15. Snake & LaddersThe r-Controlled Syllable packet includes the following games/activities:
1. Climb a Tree
2. Grow a Centipede
3. Football Frenzy
4. Uno
5. Clear the Board
6, Snail Shell
7. Wild Animal Race
8. Checkers
9. Circle Out
10. DominoesThe Open Syllable packet includes the following games/activities:
1. Bubble Yum Relay
2. Flower Power
3. Open Syllable Word Count, Sort & Write
4. Open Syllable Cut, Sort & Glue
5. Open Syllable Count & Divide
6. First or Last Syllable Open?
7. Fill Up the Jar
8. I Spy
9. ‘y’ says ‘i’ or ‘e’
10. First or Last Syllable Open Picture Sort
11. Hear, Write & Draw
12. Open Syllable Booklets
13. Dominoes
14. Try Spelling/Draw & Spell
15. Move the Cow to the BarnThe Vowel Digraph & Diphthong Syllable packet includes the following games/activities:
1. Color the Rainbow
2. Ghost OUT
3. Move the Mouse to the Cheese
4. Guess the Word
5. Shark
6. Go Fish
7. PIG
8. Old Maid, Old Man
9. Skunk
10. Thirteen Digraph/Diphthong BookletsThe Final Stable (-le) Syllable packet includes the following games/activities:
1. Syllable Match-Up
2. Which Final Stable Syllable Sound?
3. Final Stable Syllable Booklets
4. Syllable Divide
5. Riddle Riddles
6. Syllable Picture Sorts
7. Daub the Final Stable Syllable
8. WAR
9. Got It!
10. Sweet Shop Hop

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Christmas Play Readers’ Theater: The Gingerbread Man”

by Ms Joanne

1st – 2nd Grade


xmas play


A 4 page, 7 part readers’ theater script of the Gingerbread Man with a Santa theme. Mrs. Claus makes a gingerbread man but he runs away. He is chased by Santa, a reindeer, and an elf. Finally a polar bear eats him up.

The script is written with primary students in mind and has parts suitable for Emergent Readers and Transitional readers as follows:

o Emergent (roughly DRA 4-8) Mrs. Clause, Reindeer, Santa
o Transitional (roughly DRA 10-12): Elf, Gingerbread Man, Polar Bear
o High Transitional (roughly DRA 14-18): Narrator

Also includes full page, color images of each character which students can use to make hats or neck signs to identify their part to the audience.

Other Christmas Readers’ Theater scripts you may be interested in: $2 each
A Wolf’s Christmas Carol
The Elves and the Missing Toys
The Elves and the Shoemaker at Christmas
Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree
The Night Before Christmas
OR get all 6 scripts in one product:
Christmas Readers’ Theater for Grades 1 and 2 Includes all 6 of the above scripts plus templates and instructions for students to write their own holiday script.

Other Fairy Tale Readers’ Theater:
Fairy Tale Readers’ Theater for Grades 1 and 2
Reader’s Theatre for Emergent Readers,5 easier versions of these scripts tailored towards DRA 2-6 reading levels.
Jack and the Beanstalk
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Other Seasonal Readers’ Theater:
Halloween Readers’ Theater for Emergent and Beginning Readers
Halloween Readers’ Theater: Will I Ever be a Jack-O-Lantern?
Halloween Readers’ Theater: The Witch’s House
St. Patrick’s Day Readers’ Theater: Leprechauns Looking for Gold
St. Patrick’s Day Readers’ Theater: The Other Side of the Rainbow
Science Readers’ Theater
Science Readers’ Theater – Plants
Science Readers’ Theater – Flowers









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