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LANGUAGE ARTS – “Reading Syllable Types Bundle Packet”

by Amanda Trump
Grades K-3


This bundle contains six units that give specific word examples of each syllable word type. The six syllable types of reading are Closed, V-C-e, Open, r-Controlled, Vowel Digraph & Diphthong, and Final Stable. Each unit provides a plethora of word lists that target each syllable type. Teaching reading by syllable types provides students with a clear-cut understanding of the English language. The basic overall purpose of learning syllable type reading is to give students 6 reading strategies to aid them in chunking longer words into short, readable parts.

Reading Syllable Type Bundle Cover

Syllable Bundle DefinitionsReading Syllable Types Bundle-3

Christmas Mosaic Craftivity



Do you need a cute Christmas holiday activity for your kids?  Check out this mosaic art project!  Students tear small pieces of construction paper apart and them down to the holiday picture.  When they are finished, the project looks like a mosaic.

You can find these mosaics here!

Here is an example from one of my 5th graders!  There are a total of 14 different pictures to choose from.

These lights would be cute strung along in the hallway to actually look like Christmas lights.

FREE MISC. LESSON – “Winter Wonderland Homework”

by Bandicoot’s Bumbershoot

Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten


winter wonder land


Winter themed homework that ties in fine motor skills by using scissors to cut lines, mathematics skills through pattern recognition and completion, and science skills through information about the states of matter.

Sliding Sleds Homework
Fine motor/Scissor skills
We learn to strengthen our fine motor skills by using scissors to cut lines on paper.

Snowflake Patterns Homework
Mathematics/Pattern Recognition
We learn to follow simple patterns by determining which snowflake comes next in the sequence.

Phases of Water Homework
Science/States of Matter
We learn to recognize the basic properties of the three phases of water including solid, liquid, and gas.









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MATH: Complete Math Workshop Lesson Plan Unit for Time

The Owl Teacher

Grade 3 Math

What’s the newest and hottest trend in math right now?  That’s right! Math Workshop!  Would you like to implement math workshop but don’t know how?  Are you new to math workshop and are still trying to figure it out?  Why not let me do that work for you!

Time Math Workshop Lesson PlansI’ve created some complete math workshop units just for you!  My newest unit on Time is complete with the following:

*15 days of complete lesson plans

*A unit overview

*Vocabulary and Word Wall Word Cards

*Time Pretest

*Scripted Lesson Plans to assist with the language of math workshop (Perfect for substitutes!)

*Warm Up Activities for each lesson

*Anchor Charts

*Mini-lesson materials

*Guided practice and independent practice activities


*Review practice sheets

*Interventions for each lesson for remediation

*Extensions for each lesson for enrichment

*Closings such as ticket out the door or mini-assessments

*Post Test

*Answer Keys

You can check it out here in my store (click on the link):

The Owl Teacher’s Math Workshop Units

I’m constantly creating new products – including more units in math workshop!  Follow my store to get updates on the newest materials!


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