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LANGUAGE ARTS – “8 Sight Word (Pre-primer) Booklets”

Preprimer Bundle CoverThese 8 interactive sight word booklet teaches all the preprimer words. Each booklet teaches 5 words. Assemble the booklet by running the copies front and back and cutting in half and then stapling. There are 14 interactive tasks in each booklet:
1. Unscramble the Words
2. ABC Order
3. Spy & Highlight
4. Count & Graph
5. Color the Words
6. Solve the Clues
7. Fill in the Missing Letters
8. Write a Sentence
9. Try Spelling
10. Connect the Dots
11. Roll & Read
12. Proofread
13. Pyramid Spelling
14. Illustrate a Sight Word (on the last page of the booklet)


Color Me! Spelling Test Templates


Check out the spelling test templates I created that allow for students to color an adorable picture as they wait for the next word! My kiddos LOVE taking spelling tests now! They are a MUST in any classroom! I’ve also added different variations of spelling tests, too! (1-20 words, spelling sentences, dictated writing, and more)!



Jamie Paino



Coloring Page Spelling Tests

FREE MISC. LESSON – “Happy Easter Cards FREEBIE”

by Lisa Rombach

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

happy easter cards

These cute Easter Cards are a nice way to say Happy Easter to your students! There are a variety of styles. Some have a frame where you can glue a picture of a student to personalize the card (or just use a cute Easter sticker). Others are ready to print, sign, laminate and pass out! The final 2 pages are full page coloring sheets for your students to use. They can color and present them to a friend or family member for Easter!

Use them in any way that suits your needs!

I hope you enjoy this freebie!
Lisa Rombach








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Birds’ Feet and Legs – Inspired by Montessori

By Sparking Children’s Thinkibility

Grades Kindergarten-5th Montessori, Biology, Problem solving

A  material that is often used in the Montessori classroom is animal classification cards. Children are asked to classify different animals into categories. Inspired by these cards I made some material where birds’ feet, mammals’ legs and feet, and animals’ tails are studied. These materials have cards that can be used to classify the animals and also some activities where children are encouraged to use their observations and really do something.

Build a machine, design a toy, or make up a dance.


This booklet contains

1. Introduction to biomimicry
2. Observation birds
3. Acrostic poem
4. Booby webbed feet
5. Make up a dance – invent a dancing robot or toy
6. Invent a toy or a swimming gear
7. Flamingos’ legs and feet – furniture challenge
8. Robot that can walk in mud
9. Design a playground with a carousel inspired by parrots
10. Owl observations
11. Design a flying toy that can pick up things.
12. Story writing – boy or girl who can turn his or her toes around at will.
13. What if you could run like an ostrich?
14. Random Inspiration game
15. Cards with different types of feet
16. How can you use biomimicry in the classroom
17. Links and book tips

Link to Biomimicry for Young Children – Birds’ Feet and Legs

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