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Women’s History Bio-Texts


Fun! Effective! Timely! Modern! Easy to Use!

Improve comprehension and spelling while learning about Women’s History!

Great for homework, seat work, and learning centers!

These eight short biographies of high-achieving women resemble cell phone texts. The students are provided the complete wording with blanks for most of the vowels that they then must supply.

This variation of the cloze technique, accepted by reading authorities as an effective strategy, requires students to recognize sentence structure and meaning as a way of improving comprehension. Spelling practice with vowels is an added feature!

Much Ado About Nothing Unit

Product Description

“Much Ado About Nothing Unit” is a complete, no prep unit that is ready to teach the instant you download it. I love Shakespeare, especially his comedies, and I really want students and teachers alike to love it too. The activities and accompanying lessons in this unit demystifies Shakespeare and makes it relatable to students. The unit included all lesson plans with 16 comprehensive lessons and reading schedule (with learning objective listed for each lesson), all student activities, evaluations, rubrics, comprehensive answer keys for all work and assignments, and fun bonus materials to suit your students’ interests.

The unit is appropriate for grades 9 through 12.

Take a look at the unit preview for more visual details. The unit includes:

A total of 100 pages in PDF and 12 PowerPoint slides are included in this unit.

Act and Scene Guide (Includes the characters found in the scene and the approximate reading time.)

Teacher Guide (lesson plans) – 16 easy to follow lessons, learning objectives, reading schedule, with included reading prompts, journal entries, and exit tickets (or closing activities.)

Students Activities include:

❒ Pre-Reading Activity

❒ Act 1 Comprehension questions

❒ Act 2 Comprehension questions

❒ Act 3 Comprehension questions

❒ Acts 4-5 Comprehension questions

❒ Who’s who in Act 1

❒ Literary Devices (Act 1)

❒ Characterization Activity

❒ Subplot Activity

❒ The Plan (conflict)

❒ Dogberry’s Malapropisms

❒ Much Ado About Noting (theme work)

❒ Activity on Symbolism

❒ Activity on Theme

Comprehensive Answer Key for ALL activities.

Evaluations include:

❒ Quiz on Acts 1 and 2 (With answer key and rubric)

❒ Beatrice vs. Benedick (oral presentation skits)- rubric is included

❒ Fake News – newspaper article (writing activity) – with rubric

❒ unit test – with answer key and rubric

❒ Song analysis Activity for theme review (optional evaluation or activity) – with rubric

Optional bonus activities are also included

❒ A love letter activity (Optional evaluation – rubric included)

❒ A Dear Abby activity

❒ Behind the Mask – an anti-bullying campaign (can be used as an evaluation – rubric included)

❒ Additional journal topics

To further student learning, a Guess Who? For Much Ado game is included. This is a fun way to learn about the characters in the play. And, as the play progresses, students’ questioning must change to keep track of character growth. (30 slides)

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It’s teaching made easy!

Total Pages 98 Pages and 30 Slides

Answer Key Included with rubric

Teaching Duration 1 month

FREE MATH LESSON – “Comparing Fractions – Snowman/Winter Activities Freebie”

by Talented in Third

3rd – 4th Grade

Winter Math Activity: Do your students struggle to compare fractions? Do they need a fun, motivating, hands-on way to look at fractions? This freebie has students comparing fractions by coloring in the snowman fractions and then deciding which one is greater.

There are two different versions of this freebie. The color version starts on page 4 and goes through page 5. The black and white version starts on page 3 and goes through page 4. To complete, students will need to color in each fraction shown above each snowman. This will mean students need a basic understanding of what a fraction is before completing this activity.

Some possible ways to use this product:

• Use the color version as a center/laminate to use again and again.

• Use the black and white version as independent work/practice before a lesson.

• Use the black and white version as an assessment to see how students are doing during your fractions unit.

• Use either version at your teacher table as a small group lesson.

There is a set of 2 pages (black and white or color) that are purposely identical to reflect different ways of asking the question/allow you as a teacher to differentiate to meet the needs of your students. The first is the basic question of comparing which is greater, the second requires students to use the symbolic symbols of greater than (>), less than (<), or equal to (=).

If You Need More Fraction Skills, check out my paid version

which includes:

• Pages 5-6/13-14: comparing fractions with the same denominator (more/less pieces)

• Pages 7-8/15-16: comparing fractions with the same numerator (size of the pieces)

• Pages 9-10/17-18: comparing fractions with the same numerator (size of the pieces, numerator greater than one)

• Page 11/19: comparing fractions that are equivalent (=) and close to equivalent

• Pages 21-27: Answer Keys


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