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Best Sight Word Kit A

The Only Sight Words Kids Need to Know–FREE for September! Includes Bingo!

Best Sight Word Kit, including Bingo

Throw away all other sight word sets, including Dolch!  These are most important, high frequency, irregular sight words beginning or troubled readers need to know.   Don’t overload the memory capacity of beginning or struggling readers. When these irregular sight words are mastered, you will be pleasantly surprised as student fluency and comprehension improve quickly. Because I believe so strongly in these words, Kit A is free for September. Usually $4.99


Poetry Unit

Product Description

Poetry Unit for Senior Students (Bundled)

I love poetry! I love reading it, I love teaching it, and I love the discussions I can have with my students because of it. May students (and some teachers) dislike poetry because they think it’s too difficult. I once had a student tell me that poetry was like a “code” that needed to be unlocked. Cringe!! Some poems are meant to be analyzed. Some poems and meant to sound beautiful, and some poems are meant to be simple and enjoyed for what they are. This unit has a little of all of those things.

Students love this poetry unit. It is a complete unit with no prep required on the teacher’s part. This 2 week unit includes a student guide, 12 detailed lesson plans, a multimedia presentation (no internet connection required), a complete answer key with annotated poems (this is a teacher favorite!) , and an end of the unit evaluation with answer key.

Just print it and teach it. It really is that easy.

This bundle includes individual lessons devised to teach students the importance of:

• Figurative language (its uses and effects)

• How to read poetry

• The importance of rhythm

• The importance of tone and attitude in a poem

• Types of poetry

• How to analyze poetry

• How to appreciate poetry (even when you don’t understand it)

This unit’s focus is the analysis of poetry and teaches students how to make inferences, which is a skill they must learn for their other subjects as well.

Poems include authors such as Emily Dickinson, Dorothy Parker, Thomas Gray, Lord Alfred Tennyson, Alfred Noyes, T.S. Eliot, Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Frost, and Walt Whitman.

The unit has been conceived to last 15 days – with 65 minute periods (although they are easy to modify).

The unit includes:

1 – The teacher guide (Contains 12 comprehensive lesson plans to teach the poems included in the unit. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO TEACH THIS UNIT HAS BEEN DONE FOR YOU. )

2 – The student package (Contains students’ notes, poems, and questions) (28 pages)

3 – The answer key includes annotated poems and answers to all student activities, as well as an example of paragraph developing a theme in poetry (saving you time).

4 – Included is a test with multiple choice questions as well as one development question. All answers are included. (Word format for easy changes)

5 – 2 PowerPoint presentations – one multimedia presentation to introduce the unit (17 slides) and the second to reinforce the use of imagery and symbolism (19 slides) – NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED

A total of 68 pages + 36 slides are included in this package.

This unit is complete and does all of the thinking for you. All you need to do is to print out and photocopy the student package, and you’re set.

Check out these individual lessons from the unit:

Poetry and Imagery – Langston Hughes

Tone in poetry – Robert Frost

Rhythm in Poetry

Poetry Lesson on Sonnets (Shakespeare and Browning)

Free Poetry Lesson: Analysing Poetry (NO PREP)

Lesson on Allegory and Symbolism Analysis in Poetry is ready to teach (NO PREP).

It’s teaching made easy!

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Total Pages
68 pages
Answer Key
Included with rubric
Teaching Duration
3 Weeks

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Research Graphic Organizer: Better than a Notecard”

by Spark Creativity

7th – 10th Grade

Want students to avoid plagiarism when using research in class assignments? The struggle is real, for you and them. But I’ve made you something to help.

Go one up on the traditional notecard by giving students copies of this graphic organizer to keep track of their research and attribute sources easily. A notecard just isn’t much of a guide, but this handout is!

On the page, students have room to write down...

  • Quotations (with page numbers!)
  • Big Ideas (with page numbers!)
  • Takeaways in their own Words
  • Full Citation Information for their Source

By having students use these instead of notecards, and then having them put away all their source materials before writing, you give them the best chance possible of avoiding plagiarism and keeping their research nicely organized.


This is a brand new product for me, so I hope you’ll consider leaving a review. It’ll earn you credits for future purchases, make me soooo happy to have your opinion, and help other teachers understand whether this is the right activity set for their classroom. If there’s an issue with the product that I can correct for you, please reach out to me at betsy@nowsparkcreativity.com.


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