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Wuthering Heights Student Workbook

Product Description

Wuthering Heights Student Workbook contains everything a teacher needs to teach Bronte’s novel. Instead of the boring question and answer format, the Student Workbook prompts students’ ideas about characters, asks them to comment on significant quotes, and to notice some of the essential techniques used by the author such as symbolism, allusions, themes, etc. in each of the chapters. I have created this resource for my own classes, and students love the meaningful format. Instead of writing information about themes, symbolism, characterization, etc. on separate sheets apart from the chapter questions, everything is integrated in a simplified way.

In addition, a comprehensive answer key is also provided for the teacher. You now have all of the flexibility needed for your lesson plans with all of the work provided for you.

More specifically, the Student Workbook contains work on (42 activity pages):

· Important information from each chapter

· Setting description and symbolism

· Characterization (you can see the characters develop as the students’ read)

· Gothic elements

· Symbolism

· Themes

· Supernatural occurrences

· Significant quotes

· Narration

· Allusions

· Sociogram (to show characters’ relationships)

· Inferencing questions to further students’ understanding

· Family tree (to help students remember who is who)

· Conflicts

· Literary techniques used by the author

· Characterization chart

Please see the product preview for more information.

This resource includes 84 pages in total. Please see the preview for further details.

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It’s teaching made easy!

Total Pages
84 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
2 months

FREE MATH LESSON – “FREE Equivalent Fractions Sorting – Penguin Fractions Activity”

by Laura Candler

3rd – 4th Grade

Equivalent Fractions Sorting is a “penguin fractions” activity where partners work together to sort penguin fraction cards into groups of equivalent fractions. Everything you need for the fraction activity is included in this packet, including the Penguin Fraction Activity Cards, the Equivalent Fractions Sorting game board, teacher and student directions, and an answer key. This partner activity works well as an introduction to equivalent fractions and will allow you to assess your students’ readiness for the lessons ahead.

Equivalent Fractions Sorting is a free fraction lesson from Penguin Fractions: Exploring the Basics which includes step-by-step lessons, printables, games, and activities. If you like this freebie, you’ll LOVE the complete product!


Complete List of All Penguin Fraction Products
My Penguin Fraction products are organized into two bundles by topic, and all products are included in my Penguin Fractions Growing Mega Bundle. Each individual product is also available for purchase separately, but you’ll save at least 20% with bundle purchases. Also, if you purchase a bundle and I add a product to it later, you’ll get that product for free!

Exploring Fraction Concepts – Penguin Fractions Bundle
Click here to see the Exploring Basic Fraction Concepts Bundle.

Products in this bundle:
• PF Exploring Basic Fraction Concepts: Lessons, Printables, and Activities
• PF Basic Fraction Concepts Short Answer Task Cards
• PF Basic Fraction Concepts Multiple Choice Task Cards
• PF Basic Fraction Concepts Assessments
• Penguin Fraction Activity Cards

Comparing and Ordering Penguin Fractions Bundle
Click here for the Comparing and Ordering Penguin Fractions Bundle
Products in this bundle:
• PF Comparing and Ordering Fractions: Lessons, Printables, and Activities
• PF Comparing and Ordering Short Answer Task Cards
• PF Comparing and Ordering Fractions Assessments
• Penguin Fraction Activity Cards


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Common Core State Standards
Equivalent Fractions Sorting is aligned with 3rd grade math standard 3.NF.A.3.

Laura Candler, equivalent fractions, sorting fractions, fraction activities, penguin fractions


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