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Frankenstein Bundle


This Frankenstein bundle has been created with both the teacher and students in mind.

It contains the teacher lesson plans, two different workbooks (to suit different learning needs or to use with different groups), all evaluations for the unit, and comprehensive answer keys for all work.

Check out the individual bundle previews for more information.

FRANKENSTEIN UNIT – Complete with no prep for you.

This unit is created using the 1831 edition of the novel.

This unit has been created with the teacher in mind. The material is geared toward senior students with a focus on the construction of arguments. It also teaches the importance of historical context as well as literary allusions in the development of themes.

I am a strong believer that when students work with a specific purpose in mind, they become better learners. That’s why my units contain only quality and worth-while activities. You will find no busy work here. Every lesson focuses on teaching students analytical and essay writing skills.

All of the thinking and planning are done for you. The lesson plans are detailed and comprehensive. The student guide is visually appealing, and so the teacher put efforts where they need to be. The answer key is complete and detailed. All you need to do is to purchase this unit and photocopy it.

Take a look at the preview for more information.

The unit includes:

1) The Teacher Package

❒ contains 23 detailed lessons (60-90 minute lessons)

❒ leading discussion questions and skill-building activities (with detailed instructions for the teacher)

❒ important chapter notes on analysis

❒ the teacher package helps the teacher stay on task and stay organized because the planning has been done for you.

2) The Student Package (19 pages)

❒ pre-reading activity

❒ study guide questions (*improved with more thinking questions for students)

❒ a fact sheet regarding the Prometheus myth

❒ activity on the use of nature in romantic literature

❒ an activity based on the symbols in the novel

❒ several activities that teach argument development

❒ activity on theme development

❒ an activity on characterization to bring about themes

3) A comprehensive answer key (32 pages)

❒ detailed answers to ALL student activities and work

❒ an annotated copy of the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and activity answer key.

4) Also included:

❒ a PowerPoint introducing the novel’s historical context and the author

❒ a copy of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”


❒ Test on letters 1-4 and chapters 1-10 (choice between multiple choice OR development questions)

❒ Test on chapters 11-18 (choice between multiple choice OR development questions)

❒ Unit evaluation (Choice between an essay (several different versions), a debate, a unit test – all work process is included)


*As a bonus, I have included two automatic comment generators for Word documents (with drop-down boxes.)

Documents are downloaded as PDF files (except for evaluations)

The Frankenstein Workbook was created as a different way to learn from Mary Shelley’s novel. (1831 edition)

The Student Workbook has 30 pages that focus on themes, symbols, important quotes, characterization, romantic and gothic literature, biblical and literary allusions, and elements of the plot.

The format includes symbols to help guide students in theme development and allow them to build on characterization, symbolism, and meaningful allusions in the novel in a clear and more visual way.


Student Workbook x1 (30 pages)

Answer Key x1

Copy of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner x1

Annotated copy of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner x1

Please note that this is a digital download in PDF format and that the pages are not editable.


❒ Background information

❒ Anticipation Guide and Introductory Activity

❒ Letters 1-4

❒ Chapters 1&2

❒ The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (allusion in the novel)

❒ Chapters 3, 4 & 5

❒ Chapters 6, 7 & 8

❒ Chapters 9 & 10

❒ Chapters 11 & 12

❒ An activity

❒ Supplementary activity – Nature in Romantic Literature

❒ Chapter 13 (activity)

❒ Chapters 14 & 15

❒ Chapter 16

❒ Chapters 17 & 18

❒ Chapter 19

❒ Chapters 20 &21

❒ Chapter 22

❒ Chapters 23 & 24`

❒ Activity on symbolism

❒ Activity on theme development

Paragraph Writing Activity in conjunction with Frankenstein

Very often, students have difficulty with the analysis process involved in literature. Where they not only have to analyse but now have to apply their newfound skills to a well-developed paragraph, some students become overwhelmed with the process.

This particular activity will focus on both the analysis and writing a paragraph using the PEEL method.

Paragraph writing and analysis are two essential components in essay writing. To facilitate this process, I have created a lesson where students can become more comfortable with the revision process by modelling the proper steps from beginning to end. The lesson includes modelling of the writing process from understanding the topic to the final draft. See preview for details

This lesson can only be used after students have read chapter 19 from the novel Frankenstein.

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It’s teaching made easy!

Total Pages
226 pages
Answer Key
Included with rubric
Teaching Duration

FREE MATH LESSON – “Florida’s B.E.S.T. Standards (K-12 MATH) MTR At a Glance ** FREE **”

by Johnny and Jane

Kindergarten – 12th Grade

Florida’s Department of Education is moving from CCSS to new standards known as Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking, or B.E.S.T. standards.  Some districts will be implementing these new standards as early as August 2020.  

We have created high-quality resources to help you become more familiar with, and seamlessly integrate the new standards into your classroom.

This FREEBIE contains the Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning (MTR) standards for grades K-12 on one easy to read page!  Exposure to this language will help your students grasp a better understanding about how to be mathematical thinkers, therefore developing a deeper understanding of mathematics. A great resource to keep in your plan book!

This resource is a great complement to our other comprehensive math resources for B.E.S.T.

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Enjoy this free resource!  

Sending our best-

Johnny and Jane


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