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Free Poster: Teaching the essay – Visual



Teaching the essay - Visual


This is a creative visual to help students understand the importance of constructing the essay. By comparing the essay to a house, students are able to understand the importance of the thesis statement as the foundation of the essay, the arguments as the supporting walls, and the conclusion as the roof.

This poster can be printed in an 8 x 11 format from any printer.

It’s teaching made easy!

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Total Pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration

Free Language Arts Lesson “Clip Cards and a Gift Card”

It’s “Back to School” season and I have a few goodies for you!  I’m excited to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway!  Teachers Pay Teachers issued a gift card to me so that I could promote my store.  Thank you TpT!

One lucky contestant will win a $10.00 gift card good toward teaching resources (or clip art) at the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

There’s only one requirement on the Rafflecopter to enter the contest.   A second task can be done to increase your odds of winning.  You’ll need to hurry!  The contest ends on August 23, 2016!  Although the contest will be short-lived, Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards NEVER EXPIRE!  They may not be used with purchase orders.

Click the image shown below to visit my blog and enter the Rafflecopter contest!gift cardIf you’re a kindergarten or first grade teacher, you will like the second goodie.  It’s a complete set of FREE alphabet clip cards.  If you’ve never used clip cards as a center activity, I highly recommend them.  They’re easy to put together and provide hours of learning engagement.  You’ll need a package of clothespins and some bright colored cardstock paper.  This file prints with black ink.  letter identification activityChildren match the uppercase letters with the appropriate lowercase letters by “clipping” the clothespins to the appropriate answers.  It’s best to program the answers on the backs of the cards with a highlighter or circular stickers.  This way, the center becomes self-checking.  tips for creating literacy centersLetter knowledge is a kindergarten skill.  However, there are many first graders that require additional practice . . . especially at the beginning of the school year when they are recovering from the “Summer Slump”.  Additionally, many children enter first grade feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by their new grade level requirements.  Providing struggling first graders with a center that they can complete at 96% to 100% accuracy builds their confidence in working independently.  teaching alphabetClick on the image shown below to get the alphabet center freebie!free alphabet clip cardsThat’s all for now.

Copyright 2016 Lessons by Molly



lessonsbymolly@pinterestlessons by molly

TpT Language Arts Lesson – Writing For Real Purposes: Fun Summer Lists!

Have you noticed that in the last few weeks of the school year, it gets more challenging to motivate kids to write? Many seem to only have the energy and patience for tasks that have real purpose. And let’s face it, kids are far more motivated to do what we do or what they see others excited about.




The Writing For Real Purposes: Fun Summer Lists storybook provides a model of students discussing how various types of lists are useful to them, and the lists they have made. (If you purchased this pack last year, simply download the update that now includes the storybook!)

Summer is an ideal time for making plans and getting kids involved in making lists. Being mindful of meeting them where they are, it is important to communicate flexibility in terms of the expectations for how the lists are filled in. Because some children may be writing while others are copying or drawing, each printable has a lined and unlined version (except for the Friends contact lists which have ‘mostly girls’ / ‘mostly boys versions’).

Think of the possibilities of summer vacation….

Packing Lists…

10 page storybook lessonSlide1

(Excerpts shown from here)


One of the storybook pages

5 Stuff to pack blank - Copy 7 Food list blank

Slide7 11 Things to pack for Water Fun

Lists for Summer Socials…

Slide6 Slide5

Slide10 Slide35

Lists of wishes, favorites and nostalgia…

Slide13 1 Summer Bucket list blank.png - Copy

Slide30 Slide16

Whether they draw or paste pictures, dictate to us while we scribe, print in hieroglyphics or phonetically spelled words, when students make real world connections to their own writing, it becomes its own reward!

Write for Real Purposes: Products and Freebies!

Th1 Th1

Th 1 Father's Day cover 300
Thank you for being my Reading Buddy!

Best wishes to all of you as we enter the last month of the school year!

That Fun Reading Teacher

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FREE LESSON – Differentiated Mother’s Day Card for beginning writers (and BIG TpT site-wide sale on today and tomorrow!)

Free Lesson: Differentiate Mother's Day Card!

Hello my friends!
Is it just me, or did Mother’s Day sneak up on us as quickly as Easter this year?

In times like these, I’m grateful for the stash. (We all have a collection of never-fail, warm-fuzzy lessons and go to printables, don’t we?)

The time-saving factors in this Mother’s Day Card is twofold: 1) Print or photocopy and your students instantly have something to color, and 2) the inserts that allow each child to print (or paste if unable to print) at the level they are comfortable with. By pre-printing the various options, your students have different choices for how they can complete their Mother’s Day message, and most will be able to do something independently.

Disclaimer: Student names do need to be added to individual cards! 

Inside MD card 1

Some students might be capable of printing a message on their own. Others may copy from a strip or trace. Those who are not printing yet can simply glue their message in.

Copying Th4

Perhaps you’re working on 1:1 correspondence and would like to take this opportunity to practice. Cut the words apart and have your students reassemble the sentence in order, with or without a model.

Lesson from a recovering over-achiever:

Over the years I realized that I had to adjust my expectations to my circumstances. Some years we may have a smaller number of students in our class, students that work more independently or more support for our students with special needs. Particularly at this time of the year, and even more with Father’s Day, schedules go awry and every week feels more frantic than the week before.

This activity worked best, especially in more challenging years, when I let the students choose how they wanted to do the inside of the card. It came down to a decision:

Was the goal of the activity to teach and assess a particular goal or skill for any or all of my students, or for my students to simply enjoy creating something special for mom?

If you like to #DifferentiateByPrinting as is done with this card, check out these growing collections: Sight-Word-Stages Leveled Reader Sets and Read and Write and More!

On another note…

Did you see what I added to the title?  I am a mom and a teacher and a MAJOR appreciator of teachers myself. Thank you to all of you for getting in there with your students everyday. TpT has announced that it’s time to appreciate teachers with a big, site-wide sale! Please see the button below for details!

Enjoy the sale, and Happy Spring!

Teacher Appreciation Sale! Free Mother's Day card

SWS sq 350 Father's Day card


No-prep printables – Reading and Writing for Christmas!

2x Xmas Preview - Copy

Happy (almost) holidays, my friends. Have you noticed an excitement in the air? My students definitely have the Christmas Spirit, and are always thrilled to have some fun seasonal activities do to recognize it!

I run Early Literacy Intervention groups with students from grades 1-3. While we do guided reading and writing, and play skill-building games, once in a while I do like to have them do some worksheets that I can keep a copy of in their files. We are currently working through both of the packages shown in the picture above and they are enthusiastic with the variety of activities at their ‘just-right’ level, too.

Here is a close up of the North Pole Reading and Writing Fun preview:

North Pole Preview

…and one of the Nativity Reading and Writing Fun preview:


The kids are having a lot of fun with these, thanks to the wonderful clip art by Edu-clips.com. They can’t wait to color the pictures!

Each of these packages come with the following tip sheet:


Best wishes to all of you and yours as we wrap up for the holidays. Take care of you, too!

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Th1 Xmas bundle Th1 BigXmas

Th1 Nat R&W cover - Copy Th1 North Pole R & W JPG file

Follow That Fun Reading Teacher’s board Christmas Literacy Fun! on Pinterest.

Back to School and Fall Graphic Organizers: Kindergarten and Primary – and a SURPRISE ONE DAY SALE!


Fall Graphic Org Long Pin G.O. square.png

Hello my friends. Are you fans of graphic organizers? Since I have started teaching Special Education, I have become one, particularly of repeating the three-frame format regularly to encourage sequential thinking and organization in our youngest students. It helps them understand, make predictions and retell the stories they hear and read, and plan out those they create.

I say create, and not write, because some of our students do not write, in a conventional way. When focusing on beginning, middle and end; first, next, finally; list creation or anything else that a three-frame organizer can accommodate (and really, the possibilities are wide open, which you will see in the post I wrote here demonstrating some options for the free Earth Day 3-frame graphic organizer).

Regardless of age, motor skills, or writing ability, this format allows space for drawing, stamping, pasting pictures, using stickers, and large invented spelling with the teacher’s translation below!

I have created a bundle of over 20 3-frame graphic organizers for Back-to-School and Fall. The following are the pages contained within it:

Th1 Fall BTS org cover

Available at TpT

Th 3 Summer Memories Th 6 1st day of school

Th2 All About Me Th 5 Best Things About School Th 8 Goals

Th 4 BTS Th 7 blank starting school Th 9 Apples Frame

Th 11 Fall animals Th 12 Fall Th 13 Pumpkins

Th 10 Leaves border Th4 I am thankful for Th 16 Thanksgiving for my family

Th 19 Halloween Th 17 My Halloween Costume Th3 Halloween Night

Th 20 Remembrance Day Th 21 Veteran's Day Lesson & freebie!Earth day freebie.png

I also wanted to let you know that TpT has just announced a one-day surprise Site-wide sale for Wednesday August 19th! I have marked everything in my store down by 20%, and with TpT’s discount (use PROMO code MORE15), that’s 28% savings! I am bundling more items for even more value to you!


Kind 1st gr Lit Bundle Sq Th1 TFRT BTS & F Special Cover original-1994028-1

Th Dos & don'ts of motivating young children to write Follow That Fun Reading Teacher’s board Graphic Organizers on Pinterest.

Best wishes to you for the rest of your summer, and to those of you returning to school already!

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Print and Go – 5 U.S. Regions Scavenger Hunt Bundle

Combine literacy and social studies while letting your students have fun! Your students will love these 5 scavenger hunts about the U.S. Regions.  This is a bundle of the 5 regions into one, so you can click print and have a great supplemental activity for your class. Each region contains 25 task cards for a total of 120 task cards and 120 questions for the bundle.  Your students will learn at least one fact for state and also national monuments, famous buildings, national parks and tourist attractions.


Slide1You can use these cards in anyway you want for your classroom, but this is how I use them in my class.


1.  Print the region that you are currently working on in class.

2.  Cut the task cards apart and print the student questions for students.

3.  Tape the cards around your classroom or hallway.

4.  Let the students hunt for the cards and answer the questions on their sheets.

5.  Answer keys are included for quick grading.


My students beg me to keep working on this activity and I really truly believe that the movement of walking around the classroom searching for cards helps them remember more facts.

You can find this resource HERE!

US Regions Scavenger Hunt – BUNDLE

Here is an example of the task cards and questions from the Northeast Region.











Thank you for viewing this post.  I hope this helps you in your classroom!

Sara Oberheide




MyMath Chapter 2 for 5th Grade – Supplemental Resources

Chapter 2 is FINISHED!!



I’m working my way through each chapter of MyMath for 5th grade, putting together extra resources for teachers and students.


I’m finally finished with Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 will start very quickly. So,  here it is!  Included are 3 sets of task cards, worksheets with a spiral curriculum, posters, I Can statements and more!  60 total pages of great support!


You can find it here


3 sets of task cards for students to practice their math skills in a fun way.



Your kids will love this resource.  My 5th graders do!  Thanks for viewing!

Sara Oberheide


A post to pass on to parents: Reading and writing through play!

Reading and writing through play!


Do you have a child who loves animals, may wish to be a veterinarian or doctor, and could use a little practice or writing his or her name? (Not that you would ever mention it…)

IMG_7786.PNG - Copy IMG_7792.PNG - Copy

How about one who does not see the point in learning to read or write, but has a fantastic imagination?

IMG_7787.PNG - Copy IMG_7785.PNG - Copy

A sociable child with boundless energy, an interest in the law, perhaps, and exploring roles?

IMG_7785.PNG - Copy (2)(Photos not included!)  B&w badge and licence also included!IMG_7788.PNG - Copy

Maybe you have a child that likes to pretend to be grown-up sometimes, and receive the praise self-esteem boost that goes with it. I admit to feeling very important as a ‘waitress’ at summer BBQs growing up. (My brothers preferred to be ‘bartenders’). It was always more official and fun with a notepad in hand.


















And once the drinks are handed out, someone is bound to start telling stories. Perhaps your child is a fan of pirates, or a natural storyteller?


















The child in this post could be any child.

Children learn without even realizing it through play, and read and write for real purposes .

We learned this way when we were kids. We played. We helped out. We didn’t have the electronic distractions of today.

The templates above (and a few more) have been designed for today’s more discerning audience in a product called Summer Fun: Reading and writing through play. It is included in a bundle with another Writing for Real Purposes product: Fun Summer Lists, which I wrote about here. I have included the links below, and the original post that launched this line of products.

Kids love to imagine, create and role play. Thank you to those of you who do purchase these products. I hope anyone reading this post is inspired to play with their kids and discreetly slip in teachable moments where possible. The key is to have fun and let go of expectations.

It is summer time after all.

Best wishes to all of you!


That Fun Reading Teacher 

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Th 1 Father's Day cover 300 Th Label the lifeguard - Colour

R & W through play lg


Language Arts Lesson-OCEAN Animals Bingo- Pre K-2 – Writing Prompt

This Ocean Animals BINGO features 12 of the most beloved Ocean Animals . This package is very helpful to celebrate National Aquarium and Zoo month of June in your classroom.



The package includes:
– Lesson PlanOCEANAnimalsBingoPreKWritingPrompt-page-002

-BINGO Board- Students can color objects using a single color . Encourage creativity. For example a blue turtle, green shark.etc


– Once the bingo board is filled, ask students to complete the writing prompt. Each sentence should describe the animal’s color and size. For example: My shark is green and big.


-Play Bingo. Read different combinations and write them on the board. You can play for the whole board. All combinations should be written on the board. Ask students to verify their worksheets and correct them as they play. Winners can get homework passes.

-Word Search- Great conclusion for word recognition and review. Have students work in small groups and compete for a Homework pass.


You have enough material to work for a 1-2 days. You can use the vocabulary worksheet as a quiz at the end of the unit.









Language Arts & Math – “Back to School Mega Monster Fun”

by Readable Creations
Two Versions:
First Grade
Second Grade

This first grade, monster-themed, back-to-school resource unit can be utilized over the first few weeks of first grade. (It would also be suitable as an end of year thematic unit for kindergarten.) The literacy and math worksheets / activities reinforce kindergarten academic skills while inspiring motivation and awareness of the students’ own talents, features, and abilities. The ‘Alphabet Game’ fosters an increased awareness of classmates’ characteristics. All the included activity sheets are listed below.

My First Day in First GradeReadable Creations
My Second Day in First Grade } integrate graph (page 57)
My Third Day in First Grade } integrate graph (page 58)
My Fourth Day in First Grade } integrate graph (page 59)
My Fifth Day in First Grade } integrate graph (page 60)
About Me
My Favorite Things
Alphabet Game
Description Cards – for the game (including blank template)
I’m a Star at School
I’m a Star
My Teacher
6 Word Story (summer vacation)
Compare and Contrast (monsters) – Venn Diagram
Compare and Contrast (classrooms) – Venn Diagram
We like reading. (Dolch Pre-Primer & Primer word wall)
I like reading. (Dolch sight word bank)
Color by Word
We know the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. (poster)
I know the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.
I can write the letters of the alphabet. (Uppercase)
I can write the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase)
Make a new word by changing one letter. (including blank template)
Make a new word by adding one letter. (Short to Long Vowel Sounds)
I spy with my little eye something beginning with…Back to School
Alphabet Memory Game
1, 2, 3…Count How Many
School Transportation Graph
Eye Color Graph
Class Pet Graph
Class Birthday Graph
1, 2, 3…Count How Many Monsters
Circle the odd one out in each row.
Addition to 10
Subtraction to 10
Missing Numbers
Trace, Color, Cut, and Paste
Monster Cards (for addition and subtraction)

TpT Store

Language Arts – “Verbs”

By Christina L

Grades 2-4



These Verb Activities include games for literacy centers or early finishers plus many word challenges, word hunts and other fun worksheets that cover Present, Past and Future Tense Verbs.

***Newly Revised April 20, 2015!***

Sort: Is the Verb Regular in the Past Tense or Irregular in the Past Tense? (24 cards) + Answer Key +Worksheet to record the past tense of the verbs in the sort
Sort: Nouns or Verbs? (24 cards) + Answer Key

8 Worksheets
• 1 A to Z Verb Word Hunt “Can you write a verb for each letter of the alphabet? Write your verbs below.”

• 1 Verbs – Word Hunts “Look for verbs in your book. Write them down in the correct column.”

• 1 Action Verbs “Write three action verbs that each of the following characters might do.”

• 1 Write a Sentence – Past Tense “What did these students do yesterday? Write a sentence about each picture using a verb in the past tense.”

• 1 Matching: Present Tense and Past Tense

• 1 Verbs: Present, Past, Future “Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs below.”

• 1 Write a Sentence – Present Progressive “What are these students doing right now? Write a sentence with a helping verb (am, is, are) and a verb in the progressive tense (-ing).”

• 1 Verb Word Challenge (Have students work individually or in pairs to come up with the most unique answers.)

Check out the preview here.

Also available: Adjectives, Nouns and Parts of Speech Bundle.

Thanks for looking!

Christina L

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That Fun Reading Teacher’s Sight-Word-Stages Leveled Readers: Differentiate just by printing!


SWS intro


As educators, we have all kinds of fun activities and strategies for teaching and reinforcing sight words for reading and writing. Many of them involve practicing these words out of context. The point of Sight Word Recognition is to be able to recognize these words at a glance, in isolation. But all of the practice needn’t be.

I am in the early stages of creating a series of readers called ‘Sight Word Stages’ readers to help teachers differentiate for their students within the same reading level. While some of our students may struggle with putting all of the pieces of the reading puzzle together and need to work on that, there are many others who simply have difficulty remembering, and who require extra opportunities to practice using these little words in context.

Here is an example of a DRA/Reading Recovery Level 2 Reader:

Furry th

 A color PDF is included in the package, indicating the sight words of focus on the cover.

I print these on thicker paper, laminate them and keep them with other guided reading books.

Who is Furry

 Directional support is provided with the go to stop method.


bw Fur 3,4

 A regular black and white copy is provided. Students can color and keep these, if you wish.


Fur 3,4 (1)

 A trace-the-sight-word copy is provided for students requiring this level of support.

Fur 3,4

 A fill-in-the-blanks copy is also provided for each title.

Supplementary Materials:

Color and black & white sentence strips                                                                                                                                     (Tip: Print color copy onto card paper and laminate, and store with color readers for reuse)

1500 x1912 2.png - Copy - Copy - Copy 1500 x1912 2.png - Copy - Copy 1500 x1912 2.png 1500 x1912 2.png - Copy

Color and black & white Self-Check lists                                                                                                                               (I have a laminated color one on the wall over the writing table with a dry-erase marker, but know classroom teachers who give each child their own black and white copy, one who shrinks it to half-size. Early finishers draw or practice words on the back!)

Self-Check color

Sometimes – there’s a surprise bonus activity – particularly in the bundles. Check the previews!

 Here is what is currently available in the Sight-Word-Stages Readers Series:

Please note that freebies will not contain all of the parts mentioned above.

Text box.png We are Community Helpers! Free Sight-Word-Stages Sampler

Text box.png - Copy Monst Tr th Furry th

L2 4 Book Bundle sq She is CH th He is CH th

Text box.png - Copy (2) I Like School cover In revision:At School

Text box.png Th 400 St Patrick's Day Things cover


 4 Book Bundle long More titles coming Summer 2015!  Save with bundles!

Are there any particular themes you would like to see covered in these early levels? Please leave a comment and let me know! (Easter and Earth Day are already started in draft!)

Have a wonderful spring day, and pop into my store for a visit sometime by clicking my button!

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Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella No Prep Unit: Common Core Aligned

by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5

Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella No Prep Unit: Common Core Aligned Link

Jouanah Chapin-Pinotti No Prep Unit CoverThis is a no prep unit for Jewell Reinhard Coburn’s “Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella. These engaging activities are turn-key…read the story to your class or have them read it as part of literature circles, go over the Cinderella story elements and engage them with these lessons!

Activities are naturally differentiated and aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

#1: About Jouanah…In My Opinion
#2: Jouanah Story Connectors
#3: Story Characters – Jouanah
#4: Jouanah Grammar Fix
#5: Sentence Sorting – Cinderella
#6: Jouanah Sentence Sorting
#7: From Sentence Sorting to Essay Writing
#8: Jouanah Dictionary Skills Activity
#9: Comprehension Quiz for Jouanah: The Hmong Cinderella
#10: Questions Along the Way
#11: About: Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella: In My Opinion…
#12: Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella: Constructed Response #12
#13: Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella — Character Conflicts
#14: Quick Write Compare and Contrast
#15: About the Author
#16: Story Summary
#17: Character Changes
#18 Text to Text: Connection Fiction Texts
#19: My Thoughts While Reading Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella
#20: Inferring Character Feelings
#21: Cause and Effect
#22: Compare and Contrast Cinderella and Jouanah
#23: Think, Question and Analyze
#24: Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella Report Card
#25: Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella Book Review
#26: Lights, Camera, Action

If you have any questions…please email me at elizabethpinotti@gmail.com

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Jouanah Sample Page Chapin-Pinotti No Prep Unit

Language Arts ” Task Cards: Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences”

By Christina L

Grades 3-6





These task cards are larger than normal (6 questions each) so students can work on just one card. More advanced students may complete more than one card. A “user friendly” method of displaying them is to laminate them, punch a hole in the corner and attach them with a binder ring.

Great for literacy centers, early finishers, and small group intervention.

• 10 Task Cards (6 questions each) + 10 Answer Keys (Includes white and colored background)
• Recording sheet to show completion of each card

Topics include:
• Simple, Compound or Complex Sentence?
• Independent or Dependent Clause?
• Simple Subjects
• Simple Predicates
• Make a Compound Sentence
• Make a Complex Sentence

Click here for a preview.

Thanks for looking!

Christina L

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Ways Kids can help the Earth – Freebie!

Ways Kids Can Help the Earth


Hello everyone!

This free Earth Day printable is an ideal writing template for primary students. Entitled ‘Ways Kids Can Help The Earth’, and divided into three sections, its versatility lends itself to a number of uses.

Perhaps you’d like your students to demonstrate an understanding of the three ‘R’s. Whether they use stickers, cut-outs or drawing, they may end up with something like this:


Earth day freebie.png


It can be a graphic organizer (see link below for more graphic organizers like this one!), a stand-alone assignment or planner for a piece of writing:

Earth day freebie.png - Copy

It could even be a brainstormed list of ideas, contract of sorts, pre or post assessment piece:

Earth day freebie.png - Copy (2)

And of course, there are always those who finish first. A drawing page for early finishers, and a vocabulary list for those who need one, are also included.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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RA Earth St Th1 Fall BTS org cover Th1 Who is Furry


EarthDay freebie ideas for use

CVC: A Licence to All CVC Resources

By Little Achievers


CVC: A Licence to All My CVC Resources

The fun, engaging, and interactive CVC Word activities included in this MEGABUNDLE are perfect for literacy center, word work, and independent practice!

As I create more CVC word work, I will add it to this packet. Once purchased, you will always be able to download the updated file at no additional cost.

Pages >1150


cover new

Click here to buy!

This packet includes

  • Posters
  • Play-dough mats
  • Write the room cards
  • CVC puzzles (3 versions)
  • CVC Word Books
  • No-prep printables for CVC word families
  • Review (5 review sets for all 5 vowels and 1 set of mixed review).




cvc puzzlesSlide13

Slide16 4


Click here to buy!


Each short vowel (CVC) packet has the following Word Work activities:
(Here I am including all of the activities of the –at family!)
~“-at” word family house
~Two full-size posters
~CVC cards (find and match)
~I can Write the -at words
~I can find the -at words
~I can stamp the -at words
~I can build the -at words
~I can dab the -at words
~I can color the -at words
~I can sort the -at words
~I can spin and trace the -at words
~I can complete a sentence using –at words
~I can draw –at pictures
~I can fill in the –at words
~I can find and highlight the -at words (in a sentence)
~I can write a story using –at words
~My –at word book
All of the activities will be the same for each of the packets.

-Say it, build it, write it: Generic practice mat
-Play dough mats
-I can write the room (cards and response sheet)



Happy Teaching!

Little Achievers

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Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lachievers/little-achievers-resources-on-tpt/